Women’s underwear Women’s Character Character

Women’s underwear Women’s Character Character

Women’s underwear is more functional underwear as a kind of warm and supportive effect, while women’s sexy underwear focuses more on sexy and tempting.Different underwear has huge differences in materials, styles and uses.In the following article, we will analyze the differences and precautions of women’s underwear and women’s sexy underwear in detail.

1. Types of women’s underwear

1. Drain

The bra is one of the most basic types of women’s underwear, which is usually used to support and improve the chest.There are many types of bras, such as no steel rim bra, there are steel rim bras, shoulder straps bra, gathered bra, and so on.Different types of bras are suitable for different occasions and clothes.

2. Underpants

Underwear is usually used to protect the private parts, and it can also play a role in shaping.There are also many types of underwear, such as briefs, flat trousers, T pants, thongs, etc.Different types of underwear can be worn according to body and clothes.

3. Body -shaping jacket

The body -shaping jacket can adjust the body, improve the chest, and shape the hip as needed.There are also many types of body -shaping clothes, such as body -shaping clothes, split body shape clothes, corset body and so on.But please note that wearing too tight body clothes may cause problems such as difficulty and indigestion.

2. Types of women’s erotic underwear

1. Sexy underwear suit

The sexy underwear suit is usually made of lace, including bra so socks, a pair of lace trousers, and lace -trim.When designing the set design, pay attention to showing the beautiful body curve of women, making women more sexy.

2. Hanging corset

The suspender corset is a more common type of women’s sexy underwear. It is usually made of soft fabric. The chest cup is tailored by wave -shaped, showing the beauty of the chest and clavicle.

3. Stockings and lace suits

Stockings and lace suits are an essential part of women’s sexy lingerie.They can show women’s leg curves and sometimes match sexy lace styles.

Third, the selection of women’s underwear

1. Choose the style and size that suits you

In order to ensure comfort and beauty, the choice of women’s underwear must consider size and style.Different styles of bras will show different chest types, so you need to buy a style that suits you.

2. Understand the fabric of the underwear

The choice of underwear fabric is very important.Some materials, such as cotton fabric, have a high comfort, and some materials, such as silk and lace, have a better touch and visual effect.

3. Select different styles of underwear according to different occasions

Different occasions need to wear different styles of underwear and coats, such as off -the -shoulder clothing, back skirts, etc., you need to choose underwear without shoulder straps or chest stickers.

Fourth, the selection of women’s sexy underwear

1. Choose the style and size that suits you

The choice of sexy underwear must also consider size and style.Different styles of sexy underwear will show different effects, such as perspective or open crotch, so you need to choose a style that suits you.

2. Understand the fabrics and details of the underwear

The fabrics and details of sexy underwear also need to be considered.Some materials, such as lace, have better touch and visual effects, and some details, such as leather details, will bring stronger sexy effects.

3. Pay attention to comfort and security

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to comfort and safety.It is easy to wear or uncomfortable accessories, such as metal ring or chain.

Fifth, the maintenance skills of women’s underwear

1. Avoid using hot water cleaning

Underwear is generally not recommended to wash with hot water to avoid damage or deformation of the material.Rinse with warm water or washing hands is more secure.

2. Separate washing

It is best to wash separately when washing underwear to avoid friction and damage between color confusion or other materials.

3. Don’t dehydrate

Do not force dehydration when cleaning underwear, it is best to dry or squeeze water lightly.Forced dehydration can make the plasticity of the underwear, affect comfort and aesthetics.

6. The maintenance skills of women’s sexy underwear

1. Hand washing

Sex underwear is generally not suitable for machine washing, and should be washed hands to avoid damage.Use a special washing solution to better protect the material.

2. Avoid heating and direct sunlight

The material of sexy underwear is usually very sensitive to heat and sunlight. It needs to avoid direct exposure of the sun. It is best to dry it in the ventilation.

3. Separate storage

Interest underwear usually contains more accessories that are vulnerable to dust or left stains, such as detail decoration or leather edges, which should be stored separately.

Seven, the similarities between women’s underwear and women’s color underwear

1. Pay attention to fit your body

Whether it is a women’s underwear or a sexy underwear, you need to fit your body to achieve the best results.

2. Pay attention to details

Both women’s underwear and women’s lingerie focus on the treatment of details and try to subvert the traditional aesthetics.

3. Emphasize sexy

Although there are huge differences between women’s underwear and women’s sexy underwear, they all tend to emphasize the sexy of women.

Eight, precautions

1. Don’t wear tight or too large underwear

Putting too much or too large underwear can cause wear or damage, and also cause physical discomfort.

2. Don’t share underwear with others

Share underwear may bring privacy and health problems, so it should not be shared with others.

3. Before buying, please pay attention to the brand and price

Good quality underwear brands and prices are usually relatively high, so pay attention to brands and prices before buying to ensure comfort and safety.

Nine, my point of view

Both women’s underwear and women’s underwear are of great significance.The former guarantees the comfort and beauty of women’s bodies, and the latter emphasizes the sexy and charm of women.No matter which underwear to buy, you need to pay attention to the relationship between quality and comfort.The most important thing is that we should choose the most suitable underwear according to our body and needs.

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