Funding sheets appear in the water

Funding sheets appear in the water

With the development of society, sexy underwear is no longer just to meet sexual needs, and it is also regarded as a part of fashion.However, when we swim in water or clean up the pond, we may accidentally find a sexy underwear.What are the reasons behind this phenomenon?

1. Clothing caused by high temperature weather

In high temperatures in summer, people love to swim, and the clothes involved in wading during swimming are easy to loosen and fall off.Because of its unique design, sexy underwear is often considered a sexy and decent summer dress.However, it is also ignored by people because of the uniqueness of the wearing method, and falling into water has become the norm.

2. The passion that is quietly put on

Many people like to quietly put on sexy underwear at night and arrange a surprise attentively, showing a kind of passion and romance.However, what follows is that these outfits are easily forgotten or lost.At this time, the cleaned staff or swimmers are often seen, thereby forming the case of falling water and sinking water, and becoming a "lost" thing in the water.

3. Surprising after breaking up

Many people are difficult to calm after breaking up, and they will do some bitter behavior.Some people discard all the gifts before the breakup, in this way to expose emotional exposure in this way.Among them, sexy underwear is also a item that is often thrown away.However, some people throw such objects directly into the water regardless of the consequences.

4. Forgot to take away the regrets

Sexy underwear is one of the essential products for many couples or couples and is often used in emotional life.When traveling, sometimes you forget to pack up the sexy underwear and put it into the liquid box, so as to stay in the pool of hotels or villas.

5. I don’t want to be discovered

Sex underwear is sometimes used as a tool for stealing affection. In summer, many people choose to steal love activities on the pool or water, and the style of sex underwear is often an important supporting role in this behavior.

6. refurbishment function

Interest underwear is a very unique clothing style, which is often considered to be suitable for private life for couples and husbands.However, in some local tyrants, the sexy underwear has also been processed into a material for refurbishment and swimsuit, which produces many new travel helpers.

7. New generation of fashion elements

There are many fashion elements in modern society, and sexy underwear has become one of the new generation of fashion elements, especially among young people.These styles are unique and well -selected, and they have become more and more popular.

8. Environmental protection

The so -called environmental protection is wearing those environmentally friendly and stylish clothes, which is closely connected to the erotic underwear.Most of these underwear styles are mainly cotton, gauze, and shuttle materials. These substances can create a fresh, comfortable and natural atmosphere.

Viewpoint: Interests of underwear are not only satisfied with sexual needs, but also regarded as a part of fashion.However, with the diversification of emotional life, we should use sexy underwear more carefully to make it no longer a disposable item and pollution mud.

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