Women’s sexy underwear hand torn

Women’s sexy underwear hand torn

With the development of modern society, women’s sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life.Whether it is improving their own self -confidence and charm, or meeting individual needs, sexy underwear shows great market demand.So, how do you buy the right underwear for yourself in many sexy underwear?The following will briefly introduce you from the following aspects:

Choose underwear style

The styles of underwear are mainly divided into bra, pantyhose, ladies, etc.You need to understand your needs and choose a style that suits you.The bras can be selected according to the bray cup type, shoulder strap, chest spacing, strap, etc.There are various fancy formats, including open crotch, no heel, bellyband and other style choices.The ladies also have various types of choices, such as suspenders, lace, bellybands, etc.When buying, you need to buy it effectively according to your preferences and needs.

Pay attention to underwear size

The size of the underwear is very important, and it will affect the comfort and effect of wearing when it is larger or small.When buying, you need to pay attention to the size of the table, especially the upper and lower fees of the bra.At the same time, do not simply judge the size of the label. You should feel appropriate after you wear it, because there are differences in the size of each brand and style.

Follow underwear fabric

The material of the underwear has a great impact on the wearable experience and the overall effect.Under normal circumstances, underwear fabrics should be prioritized with sweat -absorbing, breathable, soft and comfortable materials, such as cotton and silk.At the same time, for some fabrics, such as polyester fibers, it is recommended to choose other underwear without stimulating materials in the case of personal skin sensitivity.


Considering that each person’s breasts are different, the underwear style needs to be further selected in combination with their own actual situation.Generally speaking, 15-20 degrees under the nipple is the correct chest type. At this time, the cup type of the bra will accurately and effectively support the chest.If your chest type does not meet the standard, you need to choose the right bra.


During the underwear washing process, try to use neutral detergents as much as possible, and do not rub it too much to prevent the cup type.At the same time, the underwear is opened separately to avoid the colors of different underwear.In addition, underwear needs to pay attention to the protection of color, and it is also a good suggestion to reduce damage to underwear with a laundry bag.

Precautions for underwear accessories

Underwear accessories are also an extremely important part of underwear purchase.For example, the shoulder strap needs to be adjusted according to the chest shape and bust to prevent the effect of compression.At the same time, the hanging buckle also needs to be adjusted correctly to prevent the hanging buckle from being too loose and loosening.

Sexy underwear adjusts female image

Women wearing a body and sexy sexy underwear can adjust their image well and make the body proportion look more coordinated and harmonious.For example, if you want to balance the ratio of the upper body and the lower body, you can choose the upper part of the upper part to supplement. For example, the chest is full, you can use a thick cup to shape the bra to achieve the effect of the adjustment ratio.

Sexy underwear is sexy through color

Sex underwear can show sexy and elegance with the help of color. Common colors of black and red can make sexy and elegant emphasis on it.In addition, fancy is also a major feature of sexy underwear. Fancy style from simple peach blossoms to complex embroidery products can bring unexpected aesthetic experience.

Underwear demand is different from the occasion

Different occasions need different underwear matching to show different charm effects.In daily life, you can choose more comfortable underwear, while participating in some parties and gatherings requires particular attention to the matching effect of underwear.For example, a warm couple also needs to know the matching of each other’s underwear in order to achieve the best results.

How to extend the service life of underwear

Finally, it is also important to understand the daily use and maintenance method of the surrounding underwear.Choose good laundry, separate washing and drying operations can help the underwear have a longer service life, and it can also ensure the use effect and quality.

In general, choosing the right underwear is a technical work, but it is also full of fun.You must be cautious to buy underwear to wear elegant and sexy effects.

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