Women wearing internal sex lingerie map

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It has unique design, diverse styles, colorful colors, and charming.Wearing sexy underwear can increase the sexy and charm of women, making women more confident and charming.However, not all women know how to wear sexy underwear correctly. This article will introduce you to the skills and precautions of women’s sexy underwear.

2. Select the right size

The most important thing to wear underwear is to choose the right size, and sexy underwear is no exception.If the size is too small, it will make the body feel uncomfortable and restrained, affecting the wear experience.If the size is too large, it will cause the fun of sexy underwear and weaken the sexy effect.Therefore, choose the right sexy underwear according to your body shape and size.

3. Pay attention to the style of sexy underwear

Different erotic underwear has different styles and effects. Choosing the correct style can help women show the sexiest side.For women with flat chest, you can choose sexy underwear with thickened effects to increase the erectness of the chest; for women with full breasts, choosing V -type sex underwear can better display the chest lines.

4. Pay attention to the matching of the underwear

Underwear and underwear are an important combination, and the whole match must be coordinated.To choose underwear with sexy underwear, it is best to be the same style or the same color.At the same time, to ensure the comfort and breathability of the underwear to prevent discomfort.

5. Keep it clean and clean when you wear

Whether it is sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, it must be kept neat and clean when wearing.The material of the sexy underwear is mostly chemical fiber fabrics. Pay special attention to washing.Washing according to the instructions on the label, do not wash with hot water to avoid damaging the fabric.

6. Mastering how to wear

Although some sexy underwear looks sexy, they need to fit the body and need to master the correct way of dressing.For example, mastering the method of wearing a band -style erotic underwear to ensure that the strap is tied to the back correctly, don’t be too tight or loose.If it is a T -type sex underwear, it is necessary to ensure that the position of the T -shaped part is correct to prevent the original state from being kept when wearing.

7. The choice of accessories is important

The matching of sexy underwear includes not only the matching of underwear and underwear, but also the choice of other accessories.For example, it can be paired with stockings and high heels to enhance temperament and sexy.When choosing accessories, be sure to match with sexy underwear without diversification.

8. Pay attention to the choice of the occasion

When wearing sexy underwear, choose different clothing according to the different occasions.For example, the sexy underwear suitable for wearing at home is not necessarily suitable for patronization outside, and you can relax at home; and sexy underwear suitable for outdoor wear, pay attention to choosing the right way of dressing and occasions.

9. Choose the color and style that suits you

Although the styles and colors of sexy underwear are diverse, not every woman is suitable for all colors and styles, and you need to choose the appropriate one according to your skin color and body.Women should not follow the trend blindly, and pay attention to maintaining their unique feelings and charm.

10. End view

Interest underwear is not a simple clothing. It can show the other side of female charm and increase women’s confidence and sexy.Pay attention to details in sexy underwear, choose the right size and style, and match the underwear and accessories. Don’t forget the correct method of dressing and choice.Only when wearing sexy underwear correctly can it truly show its sexy and charm.

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