With cheongsam sexy underwear


As an elegant, traditional and cultural clothing, cheongsam has always attracted much attention and love.Today, the style of cheongsam with sexy underwear has also become a popular element in the fashion circle.This article will introduce you to several ways and precautions for cheongsam to match sexy underwear to help you create a stylish, sexy and elegant shape.

The first way of matching: revealing cheongsam+suspender sex underwear

Back design is a design element that often appears in modern cheongsam, while the hammo sexy underwear has more sexy and exposed characteristics.Matching the suspender sex underwear under the back -back cheongsam can show women’s slender shoulder lines and sexy back curves, neither elegance nor fashion.

The second method of matching: perspective cheongsam+lace sex lingerie

Perspective design is a commonly used design in sexy underwear, while lace sexy underwear is a classic and sexy style.Matching lace sexy underwear under the perspective cheongsam can show women’s looming sexy figure without appear too exposed and strange.

The third way of matching: long cheongsam+high -sex underwear

The long cheongsam is usually known for its noble, gorgeous and dignified, while high -concentration underwear is a unique style.Matching high -fun underwear under the long cheongsam can show women’s clear and slender neck lines and tall chest lines, and at the same time, it will not look too exposed and charming.

The fourth way of matching: Chinese cheongsam+fine shoulder sex lingerie

Chinese -style cheongsam is a costume with traditional and cultural connotation, while thin -shouldered lingerie has unique design and popular elements.Practicing thin -shoulder erotic underwear under the Chinese cheongsam can show women’s clear and beautiful shoulder lines without appear too exposed and uncoordinated.

Fifth way of matching: Bid -body cheongsam+hollowing fun underwear

Bid -body cheongsam is a style that pursues lines and body postures, while hollowing sexy underwear has unique sexy and charming characteristics.Matching the hollowing sexy underwear under the body cheongsam can show women’s sexy lines and figure curves without being too exposed and rushing.

Sixth way of matching: standing upper cheongsam+tight sexy underwear

Establishing cheongsam is a dignified and fashionable cheongsam style, while tight -fitting lingerie is a special design that highlights the figure.Bringing tight -fitting underwear under the stand -collar cheongsam can show the beautiful and sexy lines of women, and will not appear too exposed and discord.

Seventh way of matching: sleeveless cheongsam+personal sex lingerie

Sleeveless cheongsam is usually loved by women with its coolness, comfort and freedom, while personal and sexy underwear can help women highlight their figure and sexy.Matching the body’s sexy underwear under the sleeveless cheongsam can highlight the beauty and fluency of the female curve and body, and it will not appear too exposed and indecent.

Eighth way of matching: split cheongsam+stockings sex underwear

The split design is a very popular design element in modern cheongsam, while the stockings of stockings are a style that highlights the legs and curves of the legs.Matching the sexy lingerie of stockings under the split cheongsam can show the female slim and sexy leg lines and beautiful figure curves, and it will not appear too exposed and unsuitable at the same time.

Note 1: Color matching should be coordinated and beautiful

Whether it is cheongsam or sexy underwear, color matching is very important.The color matching must take into account the overall beauty and coordination, and should not be too conflict or monotonous.For example, black sexy underwear can be matched with a variety of colors, while white sexy underwear should be matched with light or bright cheongsam.

Note 2: The style should echo each other

The style of cheongsam and sexy underwear should also echo each other, and it should not seem to be unsatisfactory or uncomfortable.If the design of the cheongsam is tedious and gorgeous, the style of sexy underwear should also have a certain level and detail design to avoid being too monotonous and not exquisite.

Note 3: The occasion should be appropriate

Although cheongsam with sexy underwear is fashionable and sexy, it is not suitable for all occasions.For example, participating in formal literary and artistic activities or work is not suitable for this dress.Therefore, when choosing an occasion, you must pay attention to the restraint of image and social etiquette.


In modern fashion trends, the style of cheongsam with sex lingerie has become a novel and fashionable element.By selecting the appropriate matching method and precautions, we can create an elegant and sexy cheongsam style, showing the beauty and charm of women.

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