Who is the famous sexy underwear actress

Who is the famous sexy underwear actress

1. The popularity of sexy underwear

With the development of the times and the gradual liberation of people’s ideas, the vocabulary of erotic underwear is no longer considered taboos and came to the public.Many celebrities have also begun to show their bodies wearing sexy underwear in public places and become the new favorite of the fashion circle.

2. Song Huiqiao

Song Huiqiao is one of the representative figures of sexy underwear. In the Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun" she starred in, she appeared in a scene of her sexy black sexy underwear, which attracted a lot of attention.

3. Kim Taeyeon

As a member of the Girls’ Generation of the Korean Popular Women’s Team, Kim Tae -yeon has always attracted much attention.When she participated in fashion activities, she chose to wear black lace sexy underwear, which made people have to admire her perfect body curve.

4. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is one of the famous sexy underwear actresses in the Chinese film and television industry. In her starring movie "Wu Zetian", she wore a golden lace sex underwear.

5. Liang Luoshi

Liang Luoshi has a sweet appearance and graceful figure since he was a child, and has always been the target of the media.During her relationship with Andy Lau, she once sent sexy underwear to Andy Lau’s mobile phone, which attracted public attention.

6. Luo Yufeng

Luo Yufeng is a famous sexy underwear actress in Taiwan. She once publicly showed her sexy underwear collection in variety shows.And she also has her own sexy underwear brand, which is loved by the public.

7. Wu Xin

Wu Xin is a well -known host in Mainland China. She has appeared in a variety show many times in a sexy underwear, showing her sexy side.Her sexy display not only made people shine, but also made people have a deeper understanding of sexy underwear.

8. Yang Mi

Yang Mi’s figure has always attracted the attention of the public, and when she participated in fashion activities, she wore a red sexy lace sexy underwear, which was even more amazing.

9. Xia Yuhe

Xia Yuhe is one of the famous sexy underwear actresses in the Chinese film and television circle. She has attracted much attention because of its slender figure and beautiful curve.In the movie "The Girls We Chasing Together", she was dressed in sexy underwear.

10. Summary

The above is the famous sexy underwear actress. They not only attracted people’s attention because of beauty and sexy, but also because of their understanding and display of sexy underwear, which made the concept of sexy underwear accept and recognize.Of course, many ordinary women can also show their charm by choosing a sexy underwear that suits them.

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