Why don’t you let your parents see in sex underwear

Introduction: How to keep sexy underwear confidential

For women, sexy underwear is undoubtedly a good way to increase sexual interest.However, many women have a problem, how to avoid their parents or other family members accidentally discover their sexy underwear at home.This article will solve the troublesome problem for you around this topic.

Choose a safe storage method

First of all, to avoid being discovered by your family to find your sexy underwear, the most basic way is to choose a safe storage method.You can choose a closed box or drawer to store underwear.If you don’t want to make the storage utensil look too obvious, you can put underwear in a dark or inconspicuous storage box.In addition, seal the underwear with plastic bags or silk bags, so that the underwear can be kept more effectively.

Choose a hidden storage location

In addition to choosing the right storage method, you can also choose a more hidden storage location.For example, put the underwear in a drawer near the bottom, or in a storage box at a higher place.In this case, even if others open the cabinet or storage box, it is not easy to find sexy underwear.

Avoid drying in public

Many women like to dry clothes on the clothes rack, but sexy underwear should not be dried in public.Because when drying some meat, it may let others know what it is instantly.Therefore, it is best to hang the sexy underwear in the bathroom or your own room.

Don’t mix it with other clothes

Avoid storage of sexy underwear and other clothes.Under normal circumstances, underwear is unlikely mixed with other ordinary clothes.When you mix a bunch of clothes in sexy underwear, it is easy to be ignored by people, and it is discovered by other family members.In addition, mixed clothes may also cause deformation or damage to underwear.

Properly handle expired or limited edition underwear

Some erotic underwear may only be used once or limited editions, and the number of times is very small.So, how can we deal properly after these underwear have been used?The best way is to deal with it to prevent being found by others.You can be buried in the courtyard or garden, or put it in a garbage bag, and discard it in the trash can, which can effectively protect your privacy.

Communicate with family

Of course, there is a good way to prevent parents or roommates from seeing your sexy underwear, that is, to communicate with family frankly.You can tell them that these underwear are purchased specifically for improving their sexual life, not bad things.Just handle it carefully so that they can be found in your wardrobe.

Pay attention to packaging when buying

When buying sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to its packaging.Because some of these underwear packaging may cause other people’s doubt.So try to choose neutral packaging when buying.

Private space is the key

Finally, more importantly, "private space" is set in everyone’s room.You can put the wardrobe in your own room so that you can use sexy underwear at any time.This is more conducive to protecting your privacy.

in conclusion

In short, privacy is an indispensable department in everyone’s life.And confidential your sexy underwear is also a way to protect your privacy.I believe that the above -mentioned methods and techniques can help you effectively protect your valuable private items.

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