Who do men usually buy sexy jackets

Who do men usually buy sexy jackets

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular. For more open couples and couples, they have become an indispensable part of sexual life.But who do men usually buy sexy underwear?Here are some tips and suggestions about men’s purchase of sexy underwear.

1. Give your wife/girlfriend

Men’s most often buying sex underwear is usually their wife or girlfriend.This is taken for granted, because these underwear are usually designed to increase the sexual interest between husband and wife or couples.Men can choose the most suitable style according to their preferences, try to maintain interest and passion.

2. Give yourself

Men also buy sexy underwear as couples or husbands and wives for a long time in English. They are not recognized in English. They enhance their attractiveness by making themselves more confident and sexy.In addition, for men with relatively open personality, they may try some more alternative sexy underwear styles, such as thongs to show their sexy side.

3. Give lover

Men sometimes buy some erotic underwear as a gift for their own relationships.This behavior may be to stimulate feelings or increase enthusiasm, so you need to mind when buying, carefully select a sexy underwear suitable for lover.

4. Give your lover

Men sometimes want to put forward some sexual requirements for their lover, such as letting lover put on sexy sexy underwear to increase their sexual life fun.However, this suggestion requires men to consider carefully and communicate with their lover first to avoid disagreement seeds.

5. Give special women

Men will buy some sexy underwear as a special gift.This situation may happen in some special occasions, such as men want to express his blessings or gratitude to the other half, or it may mean that he really likes this woman.

6. Upgrade version of ordinary underwear

Sometimes men buy sexy underwear as a substitute for ordinary underwear.This situation may appear when men are not satisfied with the design, style or quality of ordinary underwear.In addition, the soft texture and comfort of sexy underwear usually increase the comfort of men, making them feel more confident and sexy.

7. I want to try fresh sex toys

Sometimes men buy sexy underwear as fresh sex toys.This situation may occur when men need to solve problems related to sex, such as premature ejaculation or incomplete erection.Some erotic lingerie labels can help men solve these problems, so men will try them to understand the actual effects of underwear.

8. In order to gain sexual orientation

For some men, buying sexy underwear is to obtain specific orientation.This is a man’s personality point of view, and we should maintain openness and respect for this.


Men buy sexy underwear to increase the sexual interest between husband and wife or couples, improve their sexy, or to feel fresh.However, when buying, men must keep in mind that they must consider choosing the right style and model to avoid conflicts about size, design and other issues due to rush choices.Most importantly, men must communicate well with their other half or lover to avoid any accidents.

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