Where should I hide the sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is one of the essential items for modern women, and they can bring more confidence and charm to women.However, for many people, the confidentiality of sexy underwear is an important issue.In this article, we will explore where the sexy underwear should be hidden.

Hidden under the bed

Many people like to hide sexy underwear under the bed.This method is very good in terms of confidentiality, only you know the existence of underwear.However, this method may not be convenient in emergencies.

Put in a wardrobe

It is a common method to put sex underwear in the closet.This method is convenient for it, but it may lose some confidentiality.Therefore, when you choose this method, please choose a less conspicuous position, such as in a drawer.

Collect in cosmetics boxes

Hidden sexy lingerie in a cosmetics box is a very clever way.In this way, even if someone finds a sexy underwear, they will think it is part of the cosmetics box.However, please be careful not to confuse extra cosmetics with underwear.

Put in a portable bag

It is also a good way to put sexy underwear in your packet.In this way, you can use erotic underwear anytime, anywhere instead of going home or entering other private rooms.However, select a small bag that can be closed to avoid photos and others see it.

Hidden in the drawer

Hidden sex underwear in the drawer is a very easy way to achieve.You can choose any drawer so you can put underwear anytime, anywhere.However, please be careful not to let your family or friends find your secret when you are not at home.

Plug in clothes

It is also a very clever way to hide sex underwear in clothes.This method is very confidential because it is found only when you wear it.However, this method may cause damage to the fabric, so please choose a less expensive underwear.

In the safe

It is a very safe way to hide sex underwear in a safe.These underwear can not only be protected, but also prevent being discovered by others.However, this method may have a negative impact on objects in the cabinet.

Seal in the quilt

Sealing sex underwear in a quilt is a very imaginative method.This method is very good in terms of confidentiality, because only you know the existence of underwear.However, please pay attention to moisture -proof and moisture and moisture.

Hidden in the box

Hidden sexy lingerie in a box is a very economical method.You can use any type of box, but be sure to choose a box that can be locked.These underwear can not only be appreciated, but also more reasonable.


When choosing the hiding place of sexy underwear, it is important to find a balance between confidentiality and convenience.Over time, you can try to switch between different hiding locations to ensure that underwear will not be found.

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