Fat sister sexy underwear

Fat sister sexy underwear

Fat Sister can also wear fun shirts

Sex underwear is very common for women with slim figures. However, it is not so easy for fat sisters to wear.However, fat sisters can actually wear fun underwear, but only need to pay attention to some details.

Style selection

Choosing the right style is the most important step. For fat sisters, you can choose some styles such as lace, lace, etc. These decorations can attract others’ attention and reduce the visual effects of weight.

Fabric selection

For fat sisters, when choosing fabrics, try to choose elastic fibrous materials, such as elastic filaments, spandex, etc., which can tighten the flesh and modify the body in three dimensions.

Appropriate size

The choice of size is also very important. Excessive and small underwear will make the fat sisters highlighting, and too large underwear will make the figure lose curve beauty.Therefore, you must choose the right size to make you more beautiful and charming.

Belt and match

For a relatively large bust, it is recommended to choose a strap style or use the chest sticker to effectively avoid loose breasts. It is a delicate chest.When matching, you can choose some high -waisted underwear to play abdominal effect and create a perfect lower body curve.

Sleep underwear

For the fat sister who wants to highlight the temptation, sleep underwear is also essential.You can choose some sexy sleeping underwear, such as sleeping skirts, perspective underwear, etc., so that your other half is loved.

Color choice

For fat sisters, the choice of color is also very important.The light color will make the body slightly bloated, and the dark color can effectively modify your figure and make you more confident and beautiful.

Better self -confidence

Wearing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can not only make you more confident, but also help you release the sexy charm of your body.This self -confidence will double your figure and more charming.

Maintenance and cleaning

It is also very important for the maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear.Remember not to wash the erotic underwear and other clothes. It is best to wash and use a neutral washing solution to avoid direct sunlight when drying. This can effectively protect the texture of the sexy lingerie.

Has quality erotic lingerie

It is very necessary to choose a quality -guaranteed sexy underwear. Not only is the comfort and more comfortable, but it also does better in appearance and details, which can more perfectly modify your figure.

suitable occasion

Finally, when choosing sexy underwear, you must choose suitable styles according to different occasions, such as party, romantic nights, etc., you need to match suitable sexy underwear.This combination can effectively increase your temperament and charm.

in conclusion

In general, Fat Sister can also wear fun underwear. As long as you choose the right style, fabric and size, you can not only modify the figure, but also increase self -confidence and temperament, bring more wonderful sexy experience.

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