What brand of sexy underwear is so good to know


As a clothing that can enhance sexy charm and stimulates sex, sexy underwear has been very popular in recent years.The sexy underwear of various brands came into being.So, what are the recommendations of sexy underwear brands?This article will discuss this topic.

Victoria’s Secret

I have to say that Victoria’s Secret is a strong force in the sexy underwear brand.Since its establishment, this brand has been shaping sexy, confident and elegant image for women, and has been loved by women in a romantic and beautiful style.Its exquisite design, continuous breakthroughs in materials, and rich product lines including increasing numbers are highly sought after by women.


Wacoal is known for its comfortable, natural, and personal style. The high -grade materials and perfect tailoring technology used to make women wake up their sexy and confidence while wearing.As a brand with a century -old history, Wacoal not only has unique insights in patterns, but also always adheres to the concept of quality and service, and has a high reputation in the market.

Royce Lingerie

In the field of subdivisions, the Royce Lingerie of the UK is a rare professional maternal underwear brand, and now it is also emerging in the field of sexy underwear.On the one hand, Royce Lingerie is committed to advocating the concept of yoga comfort that has no boundaries, and on the other hand, Royce Lingerie’s underwear can also give nanny breastfeeding support, and the material is extremely comfortable.

La Perla

La Perla, who has a long history of brand, creates a "lady" level in the field of fun underwear with high -end materials and craftsmanship.Its perfect tailoring, luxurious embroidery, luxurious satin and other details have confirmed its grade for the brand.

Agent Provocateur

The traditional European -style underwear brand Agent Provocateur, which is the top brand in the sexual underwear industry as La Perla.Agent Provocateur always shows their understanding of women’s free and sexy understanding. It does not follow the main design of conventional and prejudice, so that this brand has always performed well in interest design.

Calvin Klein

Compared with the luxurious and high -end of the traditional sexy lingerie, the American underwear brand Calvin Klein creates a stylish, sexy, minimalist style, and integrates coolness, sharpness and nature into the brand characteristics and cultural core.Its classic black and white style allows brands to be alone among young groups.


Another French brand Chantelle is known for its comfort. It is designed to be closely comfortable in design. It is natural and light in materials, the ultimate texture and details, and a visually beautiful artistic sense. It has a high fan base.


Triumph from Germany is an old brand. The brand has a variety of star products, and its body shape adjustment kit is also very suitable for Asian women, especially in the design of the convex point.

other brands

There are also some sexy underwear brands, which have unique advantages in sexy, comfortable, and prices, such as Wolford, Aubade, Cosabella, Fantasie, and so on.


In short, there are many sexy underwear brands, and each brand has significant advantages and characteristics within its market share.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you should choose according to your needs and preferences.

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