Wet the exposed milk erotic underwear


Interest underwear is no longer just a private clothing. Today, it is also a way to express confidence, respect, personality, and sexy.One of the very popular types is to dig out and expose milk and sexy underwear. Let’s explore this type of sexy underwear together!

The definition of hollowing out the exposed milk underwear

Let’s take a look at the definition of digging empty milk and sexy underwear.This type of sexy underwear usually has a designs of exposed milk, and the other parts are deliberately emptied or cut off.Such a design can maximize the female body curve, allowing them to exude unparalleled sexy and charm.

Type of hollowing out exposed milk underwear

Wet the exposed and sexy underwear not only has different styles, but also a variety of different sizes and shapes.The following are several popular types:

Open design: The area of the dew point is small, which is more suitable for women who want to cover some breasts.

Heart -shaped design: The dew point area is large, showing the perfect heart -shaped outline, which enhances the sexy of women.

Ribbon design: It is restrained under the breast with a ribbon, exposing a complete nipple, which is very sexy.

Rivet design: consisting of a row of rivets, let the breasts reveal the charming temptation.

The material of hollowing out exposure of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear has a great impact on its sexy level.The following are several commonly used materials:

Lace: Lace is usually a common material for sexy underwear. It can easily show women a bit charming and romantic.

Leather: Leather is a material that is more biased towards SM -style. The hollowed out -of -exposed and sexy underwear designed by rivets is often made of leather.

Silk: Silk is soft and comfortable, which is a more elegant choice.

Tattoo material: The use of pattern materials to be hollowed out and exposed milk underwear can give people a deep texture. Common texture materials include mesh, small dots and horizontal vertical lines of different thickness.

How to wear the exposed milk and sexy underwear

The way of dying the exposed and loving underwear is similar to his sexy underwear, but considering the problem of dew point, it is important to ensure that it is not wrong after wearing it.Here are some tips:

Select the size correctly to avoid being too small or too large. If you choose improperly, you may affect comfort and safety.

Adjust the bra and ensure that the dew point part is consistent with its own breast contour, and it is more charming to expose the nipple part.

Use transparent or flesh -colored tape to fix the nipple inside the underwear to avoid accidental dew points.

Don’t bend over or twist your body to prevent light or fall off.

The matching of hollowing out the exposed milk underwear

Whether choosing it to stun the partner, or in the party, you need to match the appropriate jacket or pants to create a different sexy style.

Sexy style: Choose a short or white jacket to show the body curve of women.

Elegant style: coupled with a long skirt, high heels and small bags, it is shiny.

Avant -garde style: with a camsidal or loose sweater, it is surprising.


Digging of exposed milk and sexy underwear need to pay special attention to maintenance. Here are some practical maintenance skills:

It is best to wash it hand to maintain its details and texture.

Do not flip and twist on the washing machine, because this may destroy its shape and fiber.

Use mild detergent to avoid corrosion materials.

When wiping dry, try to avoid direct sunlight and increase the life of the longer usage for it.

The "sexy guarantee" of hollowing out and exposed milk underwear

The excellent design of empty -exposed and sexy underwear allows women to show their charm, and it also helps to increase the irritation of sexual desire.Moreover, sexy underwear can not only show your sexy and charming side in the bedroom, but also be full of charm in work occasions, dating, parties, etc.

In short, hollowing out and exposed dairy underwear is not only a private clothing, it is also a way of self -confidence and sexy expression of women.It has brought more choices to women to help them better show their charm.

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