Wearing a sexy underwear and making a video with the boss

Introduce sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of sexy and charming underwear category.It can include various styles, colors and materials.From sexy lace to luxurious silk, sexy underwear allows women to show their charm and confidence on different occasions.

Choose a style that suits you

It is important to choose a style that suits you.If you want to show sexy and curves, you can choose the wrapped style, such as tight corset and lace pants.If you want to emphasize your chest, you can choose underwear with enhanced functions, such as gathered chest.

Pay attention to the selection of materials

The material of sexy underwear is very important.The materials of these underwear are usually thin and breathable, and often use sexy lace, silk, satin and other materials.However, when selecting, you must pay attention to the quality of the material to avoid adverse effects on the skin.

Important size issues

Size is an extremely important issue for choosing sex underwear.Choosing the correct size can make women feel comfortable and avoid any discomfort.Therefore, when choosing a fun underwear, you should choose according to your own size.

In what occasion is it suitable for sexy underwear?

The occasions of sexy underwear are relatively broad. It can be used for formal occasions such as dating, celebration, or a surprise, for usual nights.However, you need to choose a style that suits you according to the occasion to avoid inappropriate situations.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly?

It is also important to wear sexy underwear correctly.When wearing, you must ensure comfort and closely close, but it should not be too tight to uncomfortable.If it is a type of underwear, you need to pay attention to the wear of the corset and the position of the lace edge to avoid affecting the beauty.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

The sexual contact between sexy underwear and women is quite close, coupled with sexy styles and more breathability materials, so before use, we must ensure personal hygiene habits and timely washing and cleaning to maintain health.

Consider the price in multiple aspects

The price of sexy underwear is different, and it can be between 100 yuan and thousands of yuan.When buying, you need to consider various factors such as personal economic ability and frequency of wearing, and reasonably determine the price.


There are some issues that need to be paid attention to using sex underwear.Try to avoid use on allergic skin and avoid contact with chemicals or perfumes.If there are abnormal conditions in the process of use, use it in time to consult the doctor.


Wearing erotic underwear is a very free and sexy thing, but in fact we need to pay attention to choosing, wearing, maintenance and other aspects.At the same time, we need to choose a sexy underwear that suits us according to our preferences, figures and temperament, so that we can really feel our beauty and sexy when wearing.

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