Wear sex underwear and husband field battle

Introduction: The meaning of wearing sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear helps to enhance self -confidence, evoke emotional desire, inspire sexy, and bring a more pleasant sexual life experience.And cooperate with the field to add a stimulus and teasing to sexy underwear.

Sequence of sexy underwear types

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the key, and should be based on its own figure characteristics, personality and sexual preference.If you want to highlight your chest, you can choose a low -necked endwear style and lace lace; if you want to emphasize the figure curve, you can try deep V, hollow style, and suspended underwear; and if you want to try more exciting games, then open crotch underwearAnd SM sex underwear should be considered even more.

Sexy underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear is also very important. You should pay attention to the color and style of the clothing with the style of the underwear. The choice of color is very important. Black is a classic choice. The red represents passion and enthusiasm.Fresh and soft feeling.

Chosen in the Field Battlefield

The fields of the field can choose outdoor grass, beaches, mountain tops, etc. Of course, this requires as much as possible to protect privacy.When choosing a field battlefield, you should notice to avoid suddenly hitting the terrible crowd, try to choose a dusk time or at night to conduct field battles.

Falling underwear display skills

The display skills of sexy underwear are also very particular. You can open your clothes or fade away your clothes at the right time to arouse the visual impact of your husband.You can maintain natural behavior when wearing a fun underwear, and even use your body to express your desires with sound and language.

Choice of posture during the field

There are many fields in the field. You can choose the posture of the house immediately, or you can fade away the sexy underwear and the underwear and use it as a teasing with sex props.Choose a posture that is not easy to be discovered by others, such as after the tree, after the stone, or drill into the grass or in the beach grass.If you can’t find the right place, you can also try field in the car, public toilets and other places.

Taboo for fun enjoyment

When trying sex games, pay attention to the legality and moral norms of your behavior, avoid illegal acts and cause harm to others.At the same time, we must also pay attention to creating a unique role -playing and avoid conflicting conflict with sex.

Clean up after the field battle

After the field, remember to bring your own clothes, pay attention to collect underwear and other garbage, to avoid outsiders’ discovery, protect personal privacy and cleanliness of the surrounding environment.Clearly clean up the scattered grass leaves, cardboards and other garbage to avoid affecting the environment and natural landscape.

Interest underwear maintenance skills

Interesting underwear maintenance is also very important. It is recommended to use hand washing methods to avoid machine washing and drying.Gentle detergents, or special sexy underwear cleaner should be used to maintain its quality and durability.

Conclusion: The harvest of wearing a sexy underwear and the field

Wearing a sexy underwear and the husband’s field is a beautiful experience that enhances emotions and physical feelings. It can effectively stimulate the emotion and physical pleasure of love. Not only will increase the intimate contact of the body, but it can also strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

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