Various sex underwear price tables

Various sex underwear price tables

As one of the sex toys, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.Compared with the traditional protective clothes, it has more sexy and personality, and is more suitable for special occasions.However, the price of sexy underwear is also different due to brand, material, style and other factors. The following is a price list of sexy underwear for reference.

1. Ordinary sexy underwear

Ordinary sexy underwear includes women’s underwear, chest suits, pajamas, etc., usually between $ 10-200.Silk, lace and other materials and luxurious process treatment will make the price higher.

2. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are a variety of ways, such as hollow, lace or other luxurious decorations to increase the sexy charm of women.Sexual feelings are usually between $ 25-300.Design complex or good material underwear will be more expensive.

3. Maid costume, student uniform, etc.

Maid costumes, student uniforms and other special uniforms are usually used in role -playing, and are more expensive than women’s underwear and sexy lingerie.The price of a complete maid or student is about $ 50-400.

4. Uniforms, costumes, accessories

For those who like role -playing and selfie, not only need sexy underwear, but also some accessories, such as handcuffs, eye masks, belts, high heels, etc.The price of these accessories is between $ 10-100 and depending on the complexity of materials and process treatment, and the price will be different.

5. Men’s underwear

In addition to women, male users also need some sexy sexy underwear.The types of men’s underwear include thongs, briefs and other types.The price of a thong is usually between $ 10-30, and the price of briefs is slightly higher, and the common price is $ 15-50.

6. Graffiti sex lingerie

Graffiti erotic underwear refers to printing with some interesting patterns or text on women’s underwear or bra, which is the so -called "graffiti erotic underwear".This type of sexy underwear is usually between $ 20-80.

7. Inflatable underwear

Inflatable underwear refers to inflatable sexy underwear, such as inflatable chest armor.However, due to the limitation of materials, the price of this sexy underwear is more expensive than other types of sexy underwear, and the price is usually between $ 50-200.

8. Pilots, doctors, and police professional erotic underwear

Such sexy underwear aims to provide more options for role -playing, and usually designed according to the needs of specific occupations.Professional sexy underwear is usually between $ 30-400, depending on the material and additional elements (such as hats, shoes).

in conclusion

The above is the price list of various sexy underwear, for reference only.When buying sexy underwear, choose according to your needs and budget.The most important thing is not to save budgets because of poor quality, so as not to cause adverse effects on your own health and safety.

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