Upper -grade sexy underwear

Upper -grade sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a concept that people can feel more happiness and excitement in sex in sex.Now, as people’s understanding of sexual life is gradually open, sexy underwear has become more and more popular.So, how to buy sexy underwear?Below I will combine my professional knowledge to provide you with the following suggestions.

First, style

There are many types of sexy underwear, including suspenders, lace, hollow, mesh, transparent and catwoman.However, when buying a grade sexy underwear, the first thing that needs to be considered is your own figure and personality. Choosing a style suitable for your own style to better show your sexy charm.

Second, fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear is very important. The fabric’s excellent sexy underwear can not only ensure the comfort of wearing, but also better reflect the quality and grade of the underwear.Excellent sexy underwear often uses silk, lace and other fabrics, which can create a higher grade texture.

Three, details

Good erotic underwear requires not only high -quality fabrics, but also fine design and focusing on details.The details are invisible, but it is an important manifestation of the underwear grade. For example, the sewing process of the underwear, the design of the flower type, and the processing of the details are all factors that need to be considered in good erotic underwear.

Four, color

The color of sexy underwear can be selected according to your preference, but you must pay attention to the color matching when buying.Some colors will play a certain role in sex, such as red and black, which can make people feel exciting and pleasant in sex.

Five, size

The size of sexy underwear has a vital impact on the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.Therefore, you need to choose according to your actual size when buying.If you are not sure, you can also try it on to avoid uncomfortable wearing a size to buy wrong size.

Six, match

Although sexy underwear itself is an independent small object, when your underwear and other cars cooperate with your sex, you will find another feeling.Coupled with suitable high heels, gloves, sex buds, stockings, etc., it will better match erotic underwear to make yourself more sexy.

Seven, shape

The shape of sexy underwear is also an important factor that affects grades, such as bra, underwear, sling, lace and hollow.By choosing the shape and style that suits you, you can better reflect your sexy charm.

Eight, flexibility

Flexibility refers to whether interesting underwear can adapt to various occasions. It can wear comfortable, beautiful, and have a certain sexy effect on various occasions.When buying high -end sexy underwear, pay attention to choosing lightweight, comfortable and easy -to -wear styles.

Nine, brand

The brand of sexy underwear is also very important. The brand covers the quality of the design, fabrics, details, and clothing of underwear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should choose well -known and reputable brands.

Ten, personality

Finally, underwear is a very personal item, and you need to consider your own personality and preferences.When buying sexy underwear, you can choose a personalized style according to your personality characteristics to consolidate your personality.


In general, you need to pay attention to the details, quality, mastering style, and understanding of your body and personality.Only with your own requirements and suitable for your own sexy underwear can you truly show the charm of sexy creatures and make sexual life more exciting.

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