Urban sex lingerie novels

Urban sex lingerie novels

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually been welcomed by young women as an avant -garde and sexy clothing. At the cities’ nightclubs and parties, sexy underwear has gradually become a symbol of fashion and identity.In the novel, sexy underwear has also become a creative theme that can stimulate imagination.Next, let’s enjoy some excellent urban sexy underwear novels together.

1. "Naked Wedding Era Fund Underwear"

In this novel, the heroine is a cheerful little loli.She once thought about wearing a sexy underwear to stimulate her life, but she had not realized because she had no chance.It wasn’t until her naked marriage with her boyfriend that she really appreciated the magical charm of sexy underwear, which not only improved the fun life of the two, but also enriched her life.

2. "Love in Interests of Interests"

This is a romantic novel with the theme of sexy underwear.The heroine is a brave and independent girl. With the independence of the economy, she began to try in various ways to express her sexy and charm. In this case, she chose a man who met an accident and soldiers.Earn living expenses and finally get a sincere love.

Third, "Falling Underwear Trilogy"

This is a novel consisting of three different heroines and three different situations.In the first story, the heroine is a young job seeker. She wore a sexy underwear and hoped to stand out in the interview. In the second story, the heroine is a business rookie.Mad a husband of a woman; and in the third story, the heroine is a wife and mother. With the help of sexy underwear, she re -ignited the passion in the family.

Fourth, "The Magic of Instead"

This novel tells the growth and self -salvation of a woman.In the story, the heroine experienced a failed marriage. When she met her right person, her fear and greedy emotions made her unpredictable, but from wearing a fun underwear, she started a self -discovery and growth of herself.Essence

5. "Temptation of Instead of Instead"

In this novel, an Asian model has become the endorsement of sexy underwear brands. By liberating her body, she met a very attractive male company owner.With the attraction of the two, they expressed their admiration with each other through the temptation of sexy underwear.

6. "Fun underwear and Auntie"

This is a novel with the theme of contradictions.In this story, the actor’s aunt’s appearance is pure, but often wears sexy underwear to seduce her boyfriend.After her death, the heroine inherited her sexy underwear and happened to have a relationship with the actor, which eventually triggered a series of contradictions and conflicts.

Seven, "Assist in Fun Underwear"

This is a workplace love novel.The heroine is a workplace woman. She was attracted by the actor because of the chance to wear a sexy underwear. After a period of twists and turns, their feelings finally sublimated to love by passion due to the strong assists of sexy underwear at critical moments.

8. "Interests of Lingerie and Homeless"

In this story, the heroine flowed to the street for some reasons, and became a tramp without disappointment.When he helped herself live, she often put on sexy underwear found from the street to express her sexy and charm. In the end, they finally came together through a stolen erotic underwear.


This is a classic suspense novel. The protagonist is a married woman. In order to maintain her charm, she began to wear sexy underwear to attract the attention of another man.Contradictions and conflicts occurred between her and the man, and eventually the murderer Fu Fa.

10. "True Love in Sex Underwear"

In the last story, the heroine’s aunt gave her a company with a sexy underwear brand. When she tried to operate and promotes her brand, she met her true man through a designer.It is also amazing because of the magic of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

There are many ways to express interest underwear in the novel. It has the reconstruction of the traditional value concept, gender concept, and the expression of the specific cultural background and aesthetic interest represented by the fun underwear.While reading these novels, it will also have a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the meaning and role of sexy underwear.

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