Taobao sex underwear is not repaired

Taobao sex underwear is not trimmed -What should I pay attention to before buying?

The Taobao sex underwear market is continuously developing and growing, but because the industry is a sensitive area, you need to consider some factors carefully before buying to avoid embarrassing situations.The following are the matters that need attention:

First, choose the right style

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for people of different occasions and different body types.The main considerations must be based on their own body shape, personality, and activity occasions, and then consider whether they can show their sexy charm and choose a style that suits them.At the same time, priority factors are given by quality and touch to ensure comfortable dressing.

Second, choose the correct size

Because different brands have different size standards, as well as foreign brands, their size standards are more likely to occur.Therefore, when buying, confirm the brand and compare your size.

Third, pay attention to the quality and comfort of the fabric

The quality and comfort of the fabric are essential for the health and comfort of the wearer.You need to choose fabrics with good quality, comfortable wearing, and good breathability.

Fourth, choose skin -friendly materials

Interest underwear is located in a private part and must be skinned, otherwise it will cause health problems such as allergies and affect health and comfort.Choose skin -friendly materials to avoid negative effects on the skin.

Fifth, pay attention to match

Interest underwear is a gently and sexy romantic enjoyment, so it needs to be matched with other clothing.Matching should be particular, consider whether the color of the clothes is suitable, whether the matching method is suitable, and the sexy taste that needs to be displayed.

Sixth, follow the credibility of the merchant

For the purchase of Taobao sex underwear, the credibility of merchants is also an important factor.You can choose merchants with good reputation through evaluation and supervision of merchants to ensure that they can buy good quality and suitable sexy underwear.

Seventh, pay attention to cleaning

All sexy underwear needs special attention in future cleaning.Especially in sexy underwear with electronic components, you need to pay special attention to it. Do not clean it at will to avoid damaging underwear.

Eighth, pay attention to after -sales service

Because Taobao sex underwear is a product in a sensitive situation, if there is a quality problem or inappropriate, and the return is required, the merchants who strictly implement the after -sales policy to ensure the quality and effect of after -sales service.


The Taobao sex underwear market has indeed developed, but before buying, you need to pay attention to your use needs at all times. You can reasonably choose styles, sizes, fabrics and merchants, as well as paying attention to after -sales and cleaning to ensure the satisfaction and health of shopping.

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