Tune sexy underwear and fart composition

Tun sexy underwear -the prelude to the start of the carnival starts

Interest underwear is a way to wear a sexy and interesting taste. It can not only stimulate the passion between husband and wife, but also enhance the harmony of interest.Tuning sexy underwear is a kind of experience that allows people to enjoy the process of slow exploration and running -in.Let’s take a look at how to adjust sexy underwear.

Step 1: peaceful mindset

For tone sexy underwear, we must first have a peaceful attitude.Both men and women should treat each other frankly, do not complain and judge each other, should respect each other’s opinions and ideas, and experience the fun of sexy underwear.

Step 2: Purchase of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to choose a design suitable for you and the opponent’s style, and consider factors such as colors, fabrics, styles to meet the needs of both parties.At the same time, you should also pay attention to comfort. If the underwear is too tight and hot, it will affect the experience effect.

Step 3: Try different occasions

In order to better experience erotic underwear, you can try to wear on different occasions, such as romantic dinner, holiday vacations, gatherings, etc. at home.This can not only create different atmosphere and experience, but also make the process of training more rich and interesting.

Step 4: Share the heart

Wearing sexy underwear, men and women can show their heart more directly, share personal preferences and sexual wishes, and better understand each other.At the same time, sharing can also help the two parties more deeply solve the effects and reactions of affectionate underwear.

Step 5: Try a new posture

If you want to get more experience, you can try to add sex underwear in sex, change the traditional posture, and find more new positions.This can make the process more interesting and create a richer experience.

Step 6: Add to play and props

In addition to sexy underwear, playing and props are also a good choice.Try different role -playing, find different role positioning, attract more attention and interaction.Props can also increase the fun of exploration and enhance experience.

Step 7: Respect personal needs

In the process of adjusting sexy underwear, the needs and feelings of both sides should be respected.Try to avoid compulsory behavior and violation of privacy, and avoid harming each other.The two sides can conduct an appropriate amount of exploration to find a way that suits them.

Step 8: Don’t rely too much on sexy underwear

In the process of adjusting sexy underwear, do not rely too much on sexy underwear, and use it as the whole and decisive factor of sexual life experience.Interest underwear is just part of sex life, do not ignore other aspects of experience and understanding.


Tuning sexy underwear is a process of exploration and running -in, and must be performed on the premise of equality and respect.Constantly try, communicate, share and explore to create more comfort, joy and satisfaction.Taking fun underwear can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also stimulate more exploration and creativity.

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