Too fat people wear sexy underwear

Too fat people wear sexy underwear

Too fat people wear sexy underwear is a very challenging problem.Many people think that sexy underwear is only suitable for those who have figures, but this is a wrong point of view.In this article, we will explore how to wear sexy underwear.

Understand the importance of body and model

First of all, people who are too fat need to understand their figures and models.Many sexy underwear takes into account the different body when designing, so you need to choose styles and models that are suitable for your body.When choosing underwear, people who are too fat should choose a loose, comfortable and elastic style to avoid discomfort caused by too tight clothes.

Choose fabrics and colors suitable for the body

Second, it is also important to choose fabrics and colors suitable for the body.For people who are too fat, some fabrics such as elastic fabrics can make clothes more personal and comfortable, and avoiding those knitted fabrics can make people look bloated.At the same time, it is necessary to choose suitable colors, such as dark colors such as black, which can show the curve of the body well.

Buy the right sexy underwear

Third, it is very important to buy appropriate sexy underwear.For people who are too fat, you should choose some underwear styles with enhanced shaping effects.For example, shaping underwear can shape the body curve well, while increasing the self -confidence of the body.

Pay attention to the combination of body proportion

Fourth, people who are too fat need to pay attention to the proportion of figure when wearing sexy underwear.If the upper body is too fat, you can choose to wear some hanging neck or suspender -like sexy underwear, so that the visual upper body will not look too bloated.If the lower body is too fat, you can choose some pocket sexy underwear to close the gap between the body, so it makes the lower body’s surrounding more appropriate.

Avoid choosing too tight styles

Fifth, people who are too fat need to avoid choosing too tight styles when choosing sexy underwear.The squeezing of these excessive clothes on the body makes people feel uncomfortable and make the sight more focused on the body’s fat.

Choose the right underwear and coat material

Sixth, people who are too fat should consider the appropriate material choice when choosing sexy underwear and coats.Some materials make people feel warm but easy to tighten. Choose better air permeability, such as cotton yarn or polyester can maintain the breathability of the body.

Tips when wearing

Seventh, the skills of wearing are very important.Too fat people need to pay attention to the length and method of wearing clothes.If the underwear or coat is not worn well, it will make people feel uncomfortable or look fat. Choosing the right length and wearing method can significantly improve this problem.

The importance of makeup

Eighth, people who are too fat should pay attention to the importance of makeup when wearing fun underwear.The elegant and simple light makeup can make the whole person look more elegant instead of seeing more exaggerated or failure.

in conclusion

Overall, too fat people are okay to wear sexy underwear.As long as you choose the right style, appropriate materials, follow some simple skills and choose the appropriate makeup, people who are too fat can also wear a sense of meat.

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