The province with the most sexy underwear consumption


As an emerging clothing industry, sexy underwear has been increasingly favored by consumers in recent years.Various sales data is constantly refreshing, which makes people can’t help but have a problem. Which province’s sexy underwear sales are the highest?Next, this article will analyze the provinces with the most sexual lingerie consumption for you.

Jiangsu: Fun underwear consumption is sought after

As far as sales are concerned, Jiangsu is one of the provinces with the highest consumption of sex underwear.The number of sexy underwear stores in major cities in the province is large, and the market competition is very fierce, but consumers have relatively high acceptance of sexy underwear, and the main consumer is young people.

Guangdong: A large export of sexy underwear

In the domestic sex lingerie market, Guangdong is also a big leader.Guangdong’s sexy underwear industry has developed earlier, and the number of companies is large, and most manufacturers also have the business of erotic underwear exports abroad.Therefore, the size of the sexy underwear market in Guangdong not only in China, but also internationally developed well.

Beijing: The attitude towards sexy underwear is becoming more and more open

In recent years, Beijing’s attitude towards sexy underwear has gradually become open, and the number of sexy underwear shops has also increased.Compared with other provinces, the sexy underwear market in Beijing belongs to the blue ocean market, and the competition is relatively small.However, people living in Beijing have relatively strong spending power, so the sales of sexy underwear every year can still be ranked among the forefront of the country.

Shanghai: Interesting underwear creative production continues to emerge

Shanghai is a strong province in the field of creative design in sex underwear.Shanghai’s sexy underwear manufacturers have a very high level in product creativity, design and manufacturing. Its sexy underwear brands are also famous for this, and they are more loved by young people.Therefore, the sexy underwear market in Shanghai has also grown in recent years.

Zhejiang: The expansion of the sex underwear industry is very active

Zhejiang’s fun underwear industry has also continued to develop in recent years.The province’s sexy underwear market has strong innovative momentum and market competitiveness, and enterprises also attach great importance to the expansion of overseas markets.Zhejiang’s fun underwear brands are also growing. Not only have they achieved good sales performance in the domestic market, but they have also been recognized in the international market.

Sichuan: Interesting underwear sales have risen steadily

As one of the provinces with the fastest consumption growth, Sichuan’s sexy underwear market has also steadily increased in recent years.Sichuan’s sexy underwear market is relatively young, and it has great innovation in the sales model. It pays great attention to the combination of online and offline.The sales share of Sichuan sex underwear has increased year by year, and it has become an important part of the national sex lingerie market.

Henan: The sexy underwear market is facing great pressure

Although the sexy underwear market in Henan has also developed and expanded in recent years, it must not be ignored that the number of sexy underwear manufacturers in the province is not large, and the market competition pressure is relatively high. This is also a bottleneck in Henan’s sex underwear market.In addition, Henan’s consumption habits are mainly conservative, and the acceptance of sexy underwear is relatively low, which is one of the reasons for the development of the sex underwear market.

Hunan: Fun underwear producers face technical bottlenecks

Although the sexy underwear market in Hunan has also developed in recent years, most of the sexy underwear products in the market are from other provinces and have not been manufactured in Hunan.This also shows that the sexy underwear producers in Hunan are still facing a large technical bottleneck. They need to pay more attention to product innovation and research and development to inject more vitality into the market.

Liaoning: The market potential of the sex underwear market is huge

Although Liaoning’s sexy underwear market is not as well -known and mature as other provinces, he has great potential.Because compared with other provinces, in the annual sales growth rate, Liaoning’s sex underwear market is still very good, which shows that Liaoning’s market potential in this area is huge.

Shandong: The development of the sexy underwear market is relatively stable

Compared with other provinces, the development of the sexy underwear market in Shandong is relatively stable.Shandong’s sexy underwear manufacturers are mainly concentrated in cities such as Jinan and Qingdao, and the sales model is mainly based on physical stores, not too much attention to the development of online channels.Although the sales volume is not very large, the risk of its market crash is small.

in conclusion

In summary, the development of the sex underwear market in different provinces has its own characteristics.Among them, the development of the sex underwear market in Jiangsu, Guangdong and other provinces has been very mature, and sales have remained at the forefront of the country, but there are still some provinces in the development exploration stage.Generally speaking, in the future, the sex underwear market still has great growth potential. As long as manufacturers can innovate production and meet market demand, we believe that the nation’s sex underwear market will definitely develop more prosperous!

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