The kitchen sex lingerie is out of

The kitchen sex lingerie is out of

Interesting underwear has been promoted very widely now. From the initial sales of only adult products stores to modern online stores and department stores, they can see sex underwear.And the kitchen sex underwear is also more and more loved by women.So, what is the source of these kitchen erotic underwear?

1. Short sleeves, apron, gloves

The basic styles of kitchen sex lingerie are derived from ordinary kitchen work clothes, such as short -sleeved T -shirts, apron and gloves.After the clever improvement of the designer, these basic styles have become the classic appearance of sexy underwear.

2. Leopard pattern, point, stripe

Propulutic, dots, stripes and other patterns are one of the classic sexy underwear elements.These elements are also used in the kitchen sex underwear, adding more elements and sexy to the only a few of the underwear.

3. Brand design

Now, many sexy underwear brands have launched design plans for kitchen underwear.These design schemes undoubtedly expand the sales scope of sexy underwear in the market and create more sexy underwear flowers.

4. Food elements

The design of the kitchen sex lingerie is also inspired by food elements.For example, underwear with elements such as strawberries and chocolate can stimulate the emotions of couples.

5. Hot theme

The design of the kitchen sex lingerie is also closely related to the popular theme.For example, pilots, pirates, and police underwear are designed to be used in the kitchen.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

Because kitchen underwear needs to be used in cooking and kitchen environment, cleaning and maintenance are very important.It is recommended to choose underwear materials that are easy to clean and maintain, such as polyester fiber and chlorine rubber.

7. European and American markets

The European and American markets are very highly respected and loved by sexy underwear, and the demand for kitchen sex lingerie is also very large.Therefore, a large number of kitchen sex lingerie also enters the market through the European and American markets.

8. Private formulation

Some sexy underwear solutions provide private customization, and develop customized underwear according to the different preferences of customers.Customers can choose their favorite colors, styles, patterns, and sizes, or they can choose different accessories according to their needs, such as gloves, socks and eye masks.

in conclusion

The source of the kitchen erotic lingerie can be traced back to many different sources.From the basic kitchen underwear style to pure food elements, to private customization and European and American markets, all of which constitute an impressive product line.Whether it is a gift or a surprise in any form, kitchen sex underwear is a special gift that is very suitable for any merger and can enhance sexual interest.

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