The professor chopped my erotic underwear novels

INTRODUCTION: My erotic underwear novels

Recently, I wrote a sexy underwear novel on the school’s literary website.However, I did not expect that after seeing my instructor, I picked off my novels and launched a severe criticism to me.The instructor believes that this novel is not appropriate. Here, I want to share my experience and the revelation from this experience.

My Experience: The experience of being criticized

I write the original intention of this novel, but just want to show some sexy underwear design and small details that other men like.However, the instructor pointed out that my novel is too ambiguous and even some unimaginable plot.The mentor also strongly opposed me to publish such articles on the literary website, thinking that this will not only damage my reputation, but also affect the school’s reputation.

The Importance of Context: The importance of the situation

Although my novels look too straightforward, such novels are very common and popular in a proper situation.This topic is not uncommon, and it can often be used to stimulate some healthy discussions.However, the result is that I did not put the novel in a suitable situation.

The Power of Words: The power of language

Although my novel is not intentionally written, my wording is not appropriate and does not follow the most basic literary principles.Language can be a powerful weapon, which can break the taboos and guide readers into a private field.However, this power also needs to be used reasonably.Mastering literary language often requires long -term learning and training.

Ethics and morals: morality and ethics

The writing of erotic underwear novels may not belong to the category of morality or ethics.However, if it is used correctly, this topic can be considered an inquiry about vitality and love relationships, so it may not necessarily conflict with ethics and morality.This also reminds us that in literary works, ethics and morality are not necessarily the only criterion.

Open-mindedness: an open mindset

We need to maintain the mentality of development and tolerate different views and ideas, which is also what literature and art want to convey.For different people, the same is true of sexy underwear or other adult topics.Even teachers and mentors need to learn tolerance and accept different voices and ideas.

Conclusion: My feelings

Although I did not write a "success" sexy underwear novel, this experience made me understand a lot of things.From this experience, I have learned how to use literary language, how to transform slightly abrupt ideas into appropriate expression, and how to rationally face different voices and ideas.Although I was disappointed this experience, I told me that only by continuous exploration can there be more gains.

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