The description of the novel sex lingerie

Introduction: Sexy underwear becomes an important element for novel shaping characters

In novels, sexy underwear has become an important element for shaping characters.It can not only increase the sexuality of the characters, but also reveal the character’s personality, psychology and experience.Therefore, many novels will describe the sexy underwear worn by the characters in depth. Let’s take a look at some sexy underwear descriptions in some classic novels.

1. Shanghai Beach Instead Underwear in "Color, Ring"

Among the gifts from Wang Jiazhi, played by Mr. Yi played by Mr. Yi played by Mr. Yi, played by Mr. Yi, there is a set of sexy underwear that can wear Shanghai Beach. This set of sexy underwear imitates the way of wearing women on Shanghai Beach.The staggered weaving shows the tenderness of the traditional women in Shanghai, and fully shows the soft and strong desire of Wang Jiazhi played by Tang Wei.

2. Red sex underwear in "Pride and Prejudice"

In Jane Austin’s novel "Pride and Prejudice", Miss Elizabeth’s sister Qiong’s friend Qin, at a reception meeting, deliberately unveiled the collar and revealed a red color sexy underwear she wore, attracting all present.Men’s eyes.At this time, the first time Miss Elizabeth felt that Qin was very unpleasant. She thought that women in such underwear could not be a good person.This description reflects the social concepts and actual situation at the time, and also reveals the dissatisfaction of Miss Elizabeth.

3. Black silk sexy underwear in "Spring Light"

In Wang Jiawei’s movie "Spring Light", the heroines played by Leslie Cheung and Lin Qingxia played by Ling Guorong, the heroine Ling Ye, wearing black sexy underwear to perform love dramas on the roof. Such scenes are both beautiful and talented.Black -colored underwear has always been unique in fashion trends. It is an essential item for many fashion women.

4. The underwear underwear in "Mermaid"

In this film directed by Zhou Xingchi, the mermaid played by Lin Yun is wearing a seabed sexy underwear, which is covered with pearls and shells, showing a very exotic and fantasy feeling.The mermaid played by Lin Yun is full of mystery, and the blessing of sexy underwear makes her mysterious and seductive.

5. The hero’s sexy underwear in "Swordsman"

In Jin Yong’s novel "Swordsman", the dragon girl wore a white clothes, wearing a gray bucket, wearing a pale yellow erotic underwear, and a red silk tied to her waist, such as the painting came out of the painting.Beauty.This kind of sexy underwear shows not only the beauty of the little dragon girl, but also showing her chivalrous spirit, leaving an indelible impression.

6. The perfume erotic underwear in "Fantastic Chinese"

In Wang Jiawei’s movie "Fantastic Year", Su Lizhen played by Maggie Cheung wore earrings, black tulle sexy lingerie, black lace edges, and sprayed with a touch of perfume, showing a fresh and elegant, full of mystery.EssenceSuch a sexy underwear fully shows the elegant and dignified and mysterious atmosphere of Su Lizhen played by Mang Manyu.

7. Flower erotic underwear in "Secret Garden"

In Francish Hodison Bernett’s novel "Secret Garden", Mary shook the heavy key, opened a sharp lock, and opened a world.Infinite surprise and happiness.Flower and sexy underwear gives people a feeling of vitality and beautiful bloom. The plot in this novel is full of fairy -tale dreams. Presumably many readers are moved by such scenes.

8. Fortune and fun underwear in "Wife and Promotion"

In Gu Long’s novel "Wife and Moles", the heroine broke into the giants, wore gorgeous rich and rich underwear, and played with the fan in front of the bride, causing a piece of cheers present.Such a sexy underwear shows her success, her beauty and her resistance spirit, making people have endless curiosity and imagination about her.

9. The soul teacher in "Douro Continent" sexy underwear

In the novel "Douro Continent" of the Tang family, the heroine of the novel Tang Wulin is wearing a soul master’s sexy underwear, with a pattern of the soul master world. This kind of sexy underwear has a deep and unique impression.The soul power revealed in the skin is also more infectious.

10. The campus erotic underwear in "First Love"

In Annie’s novel "First Love", the heroine wears campus sex underwear, which has increased the girl’s fresh, cute, playful and lively.Such a sexy underwear portrays the desire and longing for the first love of the novel, which makes people think of the beautiful and innocent student days.

Viewpoint: The erotic underwear in the novel is rich in the description of the character image

The quotation underwear description in the novel is a very good character shape. It makes the character image more colorful, more real and three -dimensional, which not only can increase the fun and attractiveness of the novelVariety.In the future writing, maybe the description of sexy underwear will be more unique and diverse, allowing readers to feel more vivid storylines.

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