Taobao sex underwear cannot be taken

Taobao sex underwear: Why can’t you take photos?

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a fashion trend for modern women.However, almost all of the merchants in Taobao sex underwear have a common requirement -not to take photos.Why is this?Let’s discuss this topic together.

Copyright issue

Taking photos is easy. The reason why merchants are prohibited from taking photos is because the design of sexy underwear is very unique. Many merchants may be designed independently. These designs have the copyright of designers.If you appear elsewhere after being taken, there will be copyright issues.In order to avoid the occurrence of copyright issues, the merchants banned the sun.

Too exposed

Most of Taobao’s sexy underwear is sexy. Many merchants are worried that buyers are too exposed to sexy underwear during the sun, which leads to the spread of "indecent" content.In order to maintain the business image, merchants have restricted this demand.

Prevent excessive leaks of personal privacy

The buyers of Taobao sex underwear are mainly women, and more than 90 % of the businesses are women. At this time, taking pictures at will involve personal privacy leaks.If the photo is spread to the Internet, someone will growl and integrate into the hostile camp, and these photos will be easily obtained by hackers.

Improving the mystery of the product

Many businesses prohibit photosing photos to improve the mystery of the product.After taking photos, the product will be seen through consumers and loses mystery.Customers often can’t really feel the sexy charm of sexy underwear when they only see pictures. Only after seeing their own effects after putting on, they will be satisfied with the effect of sexy underwear.Have confidence.

Prevent scammers from deception

Sometimes scammers use Taobao’s sexy underwear transactions.For liar, Taobao merchants are very annoying.Some scammers will use photos of sexy underwear to deceive buyers. In order to avoid this, merchants will no longer take photos.

Special nature of the product

Various special styles of erotic underwear often put forward higher technical requirements for the product’s photography, and more professional photographers are required to shoot.If you don’t understand the characteristics and matching methods of each one, it is difficult to take the right picture.This also caused merchants to take photos, only wearing models to display underwear.

Maintain the authority of the brand

Taobao sex underwear merchants may all start their own businesses and make sexy underwear into their own brand.If a buyer exposed the brand’s sexy underwear, and he did not know about the sexy underwear, and even the control of the accessories, it would bring losses to the brand.

Avoid impetuous evaluation and comment

Taobao sex underwear merchants generally do not want negative evaluations and comments to avoid various bad evaluations such as "crude production" and "not support after -sales" to customers.In this way, the buyers and businesses of the sun will be potentially affected. Therefore, the prohibition of sun -taking is a provision of businesses, and it is also to avoid this situation.

Customer needs

Many customers want to see the renderings of sexy underwear to see how the product is worn and the matching effect, but the merchant also has other concerns, so it is presented in the graphic through many tricks. Customers do not need to worry about their unknowingAfter taking a photo, it suffered losses.

Impact on consumers

For consumers, they cannot restrict their understanding and confidence in the goods.However, on the right channels, such as their own website, merchants will provide multi -angle and multi -dimensional photos for consumers’ reference to meet the needs of public purchases.


In short, Taobao sex underwear merchants do not allow buyers to take photos.This is a provision formulated by the reasons that businesses formulated in order to protect brands, copyrights, privacy, adverse effects, and improve their sense of product mystery.For customers, we can obtain product information through other methods, such as photos, text descriptions, etc.Merchants will do their best to provide better services to better meet their own needs.

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