Suqian Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment

Suqian Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment

Background introduction

Suqian’s sexy underwear is a manufacturer of sexy underwear. It produces various types of beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sex lingerie and so on.The company has a long -term high -quality technical team to develop many products.In order to meet market demand and company development needs, the company is now recruited from the society.

Job requirements

This recruitment position includes: sales managers, financial managers, marketing managers, designers, etc.Among them, the sales manager is responsible for developing and managing customers, the financial manager is responsible for the management of the company’s funds and the preparation of financial statements, the marketing manager is responsible for the company’s market research, market promotion and other tasks, and the designer is responsible for the design and improvement of the product.

Conditional condition

Candidates should have a college or bachelor’s degree and related work experience for more than 3 years.Candidates should have certain computer operation capabilities, market planning capabilities, team collaboration capabilities, and good communication and expression capabilities.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process includes: online registration, preliminary test, re -examination, interview and other links.First of all, candidates need to register online on the company’s official website, fill in personal resumes and nearby related certificates, qualification certificates and other certification materials.Then conduct a preliminary test, including written test and interview link.After the preliminary test, the candidates who pass the preliminary test will conduct a retest.Finally, the candidates who pass the retest will have a final interview.After the interview, qualified candidates will be hired and signed a contract.


The company provides competitive salary, including basic salary, performance bonuses, year -end benefits, etc.In addition, the company also provides welfare systems such as comprehensive insurance, provident fund, paid vacation.

employee training

The company will provide professional training to employees, including sales, marketing, teamwork, communication and expression.The company will also regularly invite industry experts to teach to provide employees with comprehensive training services.

Company development prospect

The company has cooperated with a number of well -known companies and has become their sexy underwear suppliers. The products are exported to domestic and foreign markets and have broad development prospects.This recruitment is also to better promote the company’s development, let more people understand the sexy lingerie of Suqian City, and occupy an important position in the future market.

Company Culture

Suqian’s sexy underwear has always advocated the corporate culture of "happiness, health, freedom, and sharing".The company focuses on the work and family balance of employees, advocates and promotes the elastic work system, and provides employees with extra -curricular activities and health security services.


This is a mature, stable and vibrant company with good development prospects and perfect welfare systems.Suqian City’s fun underwear welcome outstanding talents to join, becoming the most solid force in the company’s development.

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