Stockings sex underwear girl

Stockings sex underwear girl


Stockings erotic underwear girls are all kinds of style and sexy and charming. They are one of the essential weapons for modern women to show their charm and sexy in bed.However, in many sexy underwear, how to buy a stocking underwear that is suitable for you and sexy and sexy?Here are some buying and matching experiences.

Understand your body advantages and disadvantages

When choosing stockings of stockings, you must first understand your physical advantages and disadvantages, show your advantages, and reduce the proportion of disadvantaged parts.For example, if you feel that your waist is too thick, you can choose a high -waisted sexy underwear to modify the waist.And if you feel that your chest is not full enough, you can choose a sexy underwear with a thickened coaster to increase the chest curve.

Choose the right color

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Color is also an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing stockings in stocks.Under earlier, you can also choose the color that suits you according to factors such as your skin tone, hairstyle.Orange and blue sexy underwear is suitable for white women, while dark -colored underwear is suitable for women with dull skin.

Choose the right fabric

It is also a vital step to choose stockings.Some typical materials include silk, cotton, polyester, nylon, lace, etc.When considering the fabric, consider your skin texture, skin color, etc.For example, for people with sensitive skin, cotton sexy underwear is the most suitable.

Considering suitable occasions

There are suitable dress every occasion.Similarly, you need to choose different styles of sexy underwear to participate in different occasions.For example, if you are in the family environment, you can choose a more lively, casual and comfortable style; if you want to attend a party party, you can choose a more stunning or gorgeous underwear style to express yourself.

Grasp the matching skills

To grasp the matching skills is also the key to wearing more beauty and sexy.For example, in color matching, the same color system or similar color matching can be used to create a harmonious visual effect; in terms of pattern matching, you can use the elements or texture of the imaginative to achieve the effect of echoing each other; in the matchingEarrings, high heels and other accessories to enrich the style of sexy underwear.

Choose the right style

In addition to color and fabrics, the right style is an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing stockings in stockings.Various styles of sexy underwear on the market are endless, such as three -point, stockings suits, lace bras, bodies and bodysuit.Choosing a style and model that suits you can make yourself more confident, beautiful and sexy.


Discover some confidence and sexy

In the process of choosing and wearing stockings, we must not forget self -confidence and sexy is the most important.Whether it is your body, skin tone, etc., don’t avoid or feel uncomfortable.As long as you are confident and generous, the lines are beautiful and full of personal charm, then even the most basic stockings sexy underwear will have great charm.

how to buy

Finally, we must learn about some more common purchases and methods.In addition to major underwear brand stores and department stores, online shopping can also be another choice for your purchase of sexy underwear.Choose a comparative study of multiple brands, choose a brand and model that suits you, and can also save shopping costs by comparing prices.

Points to pay attention to in terms of maintenance

After buying full -fitting underwear, you also need to pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear.Generally, sexy underwear is best to wash hand, and it is best not to use a washing machine.At the same time, do not use bleach to wash sexy underwear.The sexy underwear needs to be rinsed with water, twist and hang to dry to prevent deformation.

Errors that need to be avoided

When buying and wearing sexy underwear, we need to avoid errors and improper behaviors.The errors that need to be avoided include inappropriate sizes and styles, too low pants, excessive design and inappropriate materials.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to personal characteristics, body, style and other personal characteristics, and try to choose the suits of your own underwear.


At this point, we have introduced several key points about how to choose and wear stockings sexy underwear.Only by maintaining elegant, confident and sexy qualities can we become more beautiful, confident and sexy women.