Sexy underwear packaging real shots

Sexy underwear packaging real shots

1 Introduction

In today’s market, there are different shapes, and the sexy underwear and adult products have become a common entertainment and consumer goods.In order to attract more consumers’ attention and buying desire, many sexy underwear products have made many innovations in packaging design, so that consumers can be attracted at first glance.Today, we will focus on the topic of sexy underwear packaging.

2. Sex underwear packaging design analysis

With the continuous development of the times, the design of sexy underwear packaging has changed a lot.In the past, most sexy underwear packaging focused on the product itself, and now more and more sexy underwear manufacturers have invested more energy and funds to the packaging. The design is more attractive and visual impact.branded.

3. Sexy underwear packaging material

Plus Wet Look Chemise – P81153

The material of sexy underwear packaging is usually very sophisticated, and the printing quality must also reach high standards.Use high -level processes such as UV spraying and wire collection on the takeaway tape, and use the bronzing, Lafite, pressure flowers and other processes on the carton, so that the packaging of each erotic underwear is as perfect as possible.

4. Fun underwear packaging shape

The shape of the packaging underwear is also in various ways.Some adopt traditional rectangular, square boxes, some use the innovatively designed spire or bottle cap structure, and some erotic underwear use tape seal, which looks simple but very practical.

5. Sexy underwear packaging color

In the choice of sexy underwear packaging colors, most of the sexy underwear brands are more inclined to bright colors and vibrant tones, such as red, purple, pink, gold, etc.Essence

6. Interest underwear packaging pattern

The design of the pattern of sexy underwear is also very sophisticated.Some have adopted a very simple design method, only printed the brand name, price and some simple descriptions of the product, and some use various elements such as cartoon characters, patterns, and illustrations to beautify packaging.

7. Quotes of sexy underwear packaging real shots

Below we see some real -pictures of sexy underwear packaging. From this we can better feel the style of the packaging.


8. Conclusion

Interesting underwear packaging is not only a shell to protect underwear, but also a means to attract and tempt consumers.Interesting underwear packaging must not only have a unique design, but also in line with ethics and fashion.I hope that sexy underwear manufacturers can know how to choose, innovate, and bring more and better sexy underwear packaging designs.