Silk erotic underwear production

Silk erotic underwear production

Silk erotic underwear production

Interesting underwear, as an indispensable part of modern people’s daily life, has become increasingly important.Among them, silk erotic underwear is very popular due to its noble and elegant characteristics.This article will introduce the production process and advantages of silk sexy underwear in detail.

Select silk material

To make high -quality silk erotic underwear, you must first choose high -quality silk materials.Good silk materials are soft, delicate, smooth, and comfortable.When choosing, pay attention to the thickness and elasticity of the fabric to ensure that the final product can be comfortable and personal.


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Design is the key to making silk sexy underwear.Designers need to consider the permeability, visual effects and body curve of the underwear.The completion of the design requires many modifications and supplements to ensure that the design meets the various needs and expectations of customers.

Cut off

Silk is an expensive fabric, so it should be extremely cautious and careful when tailoring.The tailoring process needs to be completed by hand to ensure that each part has the correct size and curve.Washing materials should be cleaned before tailoring to prevent shrinkage and deformation.


The suture of the underwear requires very fine technology.Sewing needs to use double lines and use some special needle to ensure quality.After the stitching of the underwear, a strict quality inspection of each part should be performed to ensure that there are no flaws.


Silk erotic underwear usually has some decorations, which can increase the beauty of underwear.Decoration includes lace, bow, tassel and beads.Designers need to consider each detail to ensure that the decoration will not affect the comfort and fit of the underwear.


Because silk is an expensive material, you need to be careful when ironing.Before using an iron, you should turn the inner and outer surface of the underwear and use some special ironing techniques to avoid scald fabrics.


Finished product

After the underwear is completed, strict finished products are required.The inspection includes many aspects such as size, quality and appearance.After the inspection is completed, the underwear bag can be printed with a trademark, and you can enter the market for sales.

Advantages of silk sex lingerie

There are many advantages of silk sex underwear.First of all, silk is a natural material, very soft, smooth, and very friendly to the skin.Secondly, the breathability of the silk is very good, and even in high temperature environments, the skin can be kept dry.In the end, the visual effect of silk is very good, which can bring people a noble and elegant feeling.

In short, silk sex lingerie is a high -quality and noble choice.Are you ready to enjoy this beautiful experience?