Japanese young woman’s sexy underwear hips

Japanese young woman's sexy underwear hips

Japanese young woman’s sexy underwear hips


The Japanese always have a high level of aesthetic level, and they are also very persistent in the pursuit of beauty, so they have a very unique taste in sexy underwear. Next, I will introduce the sexy underwear types and their characteristics that Japanese young women like.

Japanese young woman’s favorite sexy underwear

In Japan, hips are the favorite physical characteristics of young women. Therefore, the most popular and most common in sexy underwear is hip -up underwear.

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Features of hip -hip underwear

With its impeccable design, the hip underwear makes the hips better, which brings unlimited self -confidence and pleasure to the wearer feels sexy.And its style is very rich, with lace styles, mesh styles, transparent styles, etc., to meet the different needs of different people.

The color of sexy underwear

The most common colors in Japanese sex underwear are black and red, because these two colors have a strong sexy atmosphere, can distort subjective consciousness and emotional needs, and detonate the spark of people’s passion.

Performance sexy underwear options

If hip -hip -up underwear is a single product that makes the hips more sexy, then through the sexy underwear is a single product that makes the body more sexy as a whole.And its commonly used materials are transparent yarn or lace, which can show a beautiful curve and attractive carcass, better satisfying your sexual fantasy and desire.


Through pants are also a kind of sexy underwear that Japanese young women are more favored. This underwear is characterized by connecting back and forth. The fabrics on both sides must be very thin. It looks like it makes you have nothing to do, and it also highlights the sexy of the body.

Sexy bra


In addition to hip -hip -up panties, sexy bras are a kind of sexy underwear single products that make the body fuller.It can make the breast more charm, the lines are more beautiful, make your body line fuller, and let the wearer show sexy charm.

Tissue underwear

Paper towel underwear is a kind of sexy underwear in Japan. It is stitched with paper towels. It looks very primitive, distorted, and even a little weird.But because of her beauty and uniqueness, many people regard it as a collection.

Maid costume

The maid dress is a classic of Japanese sexy underwear. It can bring the wearer’s soft sister -like temperament, making your heart full of the innocence feelings of the girl.

Choose the right size

Because sexy underwear is loved and demand for more and more people with its colorful style and imaginative design, it is very important to choose the right size.

in conclusion

The reason why Japanese young women love lingerie is because this underwear gives people a more plump beauty. Through the temperament and sexy of this underwear to interpret your own personality and style, no matter what type you belong to, you want to be in interest.The exploration of underwear products is mainly to selectively selective underwear according to their body shape and needs.