Sexy underwear show C pants

Sexy underwear show C pants

What is sexy underwear?

Sexual feelings are the underwear designed to increase sexual charm.They are usually made of sexy materials, such as lace, gauze, silk, leather and PVC, to highlight the curve of the body and attractive sight.Sexual feelings include corset, conjoined socks, stockings, and G string.They add some stimuli to short -term sex games and long -term emotional relationships.

Why do you wear sexy underwear?

The purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to enhance the intimacy and passion of sex.These underwear can make the body show a beautiful curve and exude a sexy atmosphere, which makes the partner feel attractive and passionate.Wearing such underwear also helps enhance the satisfaction of self -confidence and sex.In addition, wearing sexy lingerie is also a way to enjoy your own body, which can enhance your self -esteem.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Style

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Sexual feelings are rich in styles, suitable for various personality and different occasions.Here are some common sexual emotional interesting lingerie styles:


The corset is usually made of some exposed materials, such as cotton, silk or lace, and has different styles, such as half cups, full cups, triangular cups and balance cups.They can make their chests more upright and plump, increasing a sexy atmosphere.

Conjoined socks

Conjusational socks are similar to the corset, but they can cover the whole body.They are usually made of thin and transparent materials, such as yarn, silk, or mesh to increase curves and attractiveness.Some popular conjoined socks include sleeveless style or naked shoulder style, as well as styles with lace or embroidery.


Stockings are a very popular style in sexy underwear. Their materials make their legs smoother, sexy, and more attractive attention.Stockings are usually made of cotton, silk or polyester fiber.In addition, there is a hood of stockings. This kind of stockings can be worn on the head, which can add some mystery and attractiveness to the body.

G string

G Strings are extremely exposed bottom pants and one of the important styles in sexy underwear.They usually use only a thin steel wire or loosening to support the pants head, making the hips tighter and plump.The main purpose of G string is to increase the curve and attractiveness and make the taste more intense.

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What are the choices of color?

The color of sexy underwear is very important because the color can bring different charm and atmosphere.Here are some of the common color choices:


Black is one of the most popular colors in sexy underwear because it is a classic, sexy color.Black sexy atmosphere can make men feel strong attractive and lust, and also increase women’s confidence and charm.


Red is another very popular hue, a color full of passion and vitality.Red underwear can highlight the curve of the body and increase intimacy and emotional charm.This color also helps to establish emotional connections and meet sexual needs.


White is a pure, natural and fresh color.White underwear can increase the feeling of refreshing and comfortable, and make the body look slender and elegant.This color can also be used to shoot some themes of angels, weddings, romance and temptation.

What are the cases?

Sexual feelings are suitable for various occasions, from romantic nights, birthdays, Valentine’s Day to husband and wife surprise, sex games, etc.The following occasions are common situation of sexy underwear wearing:

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, an important occasion for wearing sexy underwear.On Valentine’s Day, wearing red or black sexy underwear can create a passionate atmosphere, and also make the partner feel more love and care.

Naval marriage

The bride or groom wearing sexy underwear on the eve of marriage can increase the charm and beauty of the body.This underwear can make the night more romantic and bring more sexual happiness.

Birthday party

Birthday parties can be a very interesting and exciting occasion. Wearing sexy underwear can increase inexplicable appeal and interest.This underwear makes the body look more perfect and sexy, and it is also an opportunity to show itself.

Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear

If you intend to buy sex and sexy lingerie, in addition to style, style and color, you also need to pay attention to the following points:


It is important to choose comfortable materials, because wearing uncomfortable sexy underwear will seriously affect comfort and charm.Choose breathable, soft and comfortable materials, such as cotton and lace.


It is important to choose a size that suits you, because sexy underwear with inappropriate sizes will not only destroy the image, but also cannot fully play a beautiful and sexy effect.So be sure to choose the right size to ensure natural comfort.


The price of sexy underwear is different and can be purchased on different stores and platforms.The quality of underwear with lower price may be worse, and the higher -priced underwear may be more comfortable and sexy.It is recommended to choose sexy underwear suitable for your budget and needs.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Matching Skills

If you want to get the most perfect results, in addition to choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, you should also pay attention to the following points:

make up

Before wearing sexy underwear, you should do your own beauty and makeup.This can increase charm and show more beautiful and sexy in the photos.It is recommended to use soft colors and relatively natural cosmetics.


Choosing a hairstyle that suits you is also very important, because the hairstyle can increase temperament and personality.It is recommended to choose different hairstyles, such as natural curly hair, micro -curly waves or straight hair to adapt to different occasions and clothing.


It is also important to choose shoes that suits you, because shoes can also increase their charm and temperament.It is recommended to choose shoes with high heels or fine heels, because these shoes can increase the slender curve and legs of the body, making the underwear look more perfect.

in conclusion

Sexual feelings are a very useful way to increase sexual charm and intimacy.Choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you, pay attention to comfort and size problems, choose the right color and style, and pay attention to matching skills. These are the key to wearing sexual erotic lingerie.Whether it is a birthday party, Valentine’s Day, the eve of marriage, or surprise of husband and wife, sexual and erotic lingerie can allow you to enjoy more perfect sex happiness.