I dare not wash when I buy sexy underwear

I dare not wash when I buy sexy underwear

I dare not wash when I buy sexy underwear

1. Why dare not wash sexy underwear

Interest underwear is generally thin, so many people are worried that they will wash it.

Symbolic meaning

The sexy underwear is bolder, which refers to the interesting gadgets such as mouthball, restraint ropes, etc. The meaning of the symbols and the psychological effects in the process of sex are daunting.

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Three, tips

First of all, unless the label is specifically indicated, hand washing and machine washing are okay.However, the effect of hand washing is better than the machine.Moreover, sex underwear, like ordinary underwear, needs to be specially detergent.

Fourth, how to wash sexy sheets

Sex underwear needs to be washed separately.It is best to use a special laundry bag to protect underwear and washing machines.Choose a mild laundry solution, do not choose products containing decontamination particles and bleaching ingredients.

5. Note point

Do not soak the sexy underwear in hot water, do not rub or brush it, so as not to damage the fabric.After soaking in water for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, and then rinse with cold water to remove detergents.

6. Drying method

Drying can cause some underwear to shrink, fade or deform.Select the cool and ventilated place to dry, and pull the metal buckle and hooks on the underwear to avoid deformation or wrinkles.

Seven, maintenance underwear

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The maintenance of sexy underwear should ensure breathability. Therefore, it is best to store underwear in ventilated and dry places instead of being placed in a closed cabinet.

8. Buy good quality underwear

In order to buy good quality and good breathability, underwear can reduce the number of washing and reduce damage during washing.Investing in some real underwear, it is more desirable than buying cheap underwear often.

I dare not wash when buying sexy underwear, not only because of its complex design, but also represents the symbolic meaning in the process of sex, causing personal psychological impact.The correct laundry method is very critical. It is recommended that you follow the correct guide and choose a professional detergent so that you can wash the sexy underwear clean and comfortable.