Sexy underwear retro Hanfu girl

Sexy underwear retro Hanfu girl

Sexy retro style

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is often used to stimulate sensory and increase interest.In the trend in recent years, retro style has become a very fashionable culture.As a result, combined with the two, the sexy underwear retro Hanfu girl came into being.

Hanfu and retro style

Hanfu is a traditional costume in ancient China, with strong Chinese cultural characteristics.The retro style is a kind of influence of European and American culture. It is a combination of classical luxury and retro beauty in the early 20th century.Fun underwear retro Hanfu girl is a design product that combines Hanfu and retro style.

Tailoring and details

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As a combination of retro style and Hanfu, the tailoring and details of the retro and daughter of the sexy lingerie are very sophisticated.It also retains the style of Hanfu and retro style. The rationality of tailoring can take into account the characteristics of the two styles.In the details, traditional handicrafts such as golden lines and embroidery are selected to highlight the historical charm of clothing.

Fabric and material

Fabrics and materials are important for the comfort and touch of clothing.Among the retro Hanfu girls in sex underwear, the choice of fabrics and materials is very reflecting the quality.High -end materials such as silk, lace, and mesh can not only reflect China’s traditional aesthetics, but also reflect the luxury and romance of European and American culture.

Color and pattern

Colors and patterns are two important aspects of sexy lingerie retro -style girls.Light and dark color matching can not only retain the traditional color of Hanfu, but also show the softness of the retro style.The traditional dragon and phoenix patterns, cloud patterns, etc. are also very suitable for the design of sexy underwear.

Tightness and perspective

The tightness and perspective of sex underwear are the two most teasing characteristics.This has also been fully played in the sexy underwear retro Hanfu girl.The tightness of the clothing is moderate, which can reflect the curve beauty of the figure; and the perspective design can outline the sexy charm of women.

Different occasions

Fun underwear retro Hanfu women are not only suitable for wearing in fun life, but also suitable for some special occasions.For example, parties, cosplay and other activities can wear this sexy underwear and stand out in the crowd.

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Designer and brand

Designers and brands are important reasons for the retro girls of sexy underwear.The designer’s conscience design has added more cultural elements to this clothing; the brand has created a higher quality assurance for this clothing.

Future trend

Fun underwear retro Hanfu girl is gradually becoming a new fashion trend.It inherits the classic elements of traditional Chinese culture, and has carried forward in modern society.No one can predict the future, but we believe that the sexy lingerie retro -of -Hanfu girl will continue to shine in the future trend.


Through the retro style and Hanfu design of sexy underwear retro Hanfu women, the Chinese culture and European and American culture are integrated, showing a strong cultural atmosphere.This fashionable fashion clothing will bring people different wear experiences and visual enjoyment, and become a unique scenery in the trend.