Sexy underwear open stall bikini

Sexy underwear open stall bikini

1. What is a sexy underwear to open a bikini?

Fun underwear bikini is referred to as open bikini or stall pants.As the name suggests, there is a certain opening in the crotch part, which is usually located at the pussy position.The design of this underwear is designed to make women more fully show their sexy charm in the process of sex, making fun life more colorful and interesting.

2. What is the difference between opening a bikini and traditional underwear and sexy underwear?

The biggest difference of bikini is different from traditional underwear and sexy underwear. It has an appropriate opening on the crotch. This opening allows women to not need to take off their underwear when using it, thereby achieving a more convenient and free effect.At the same time, the opening of the bikini is similar to the ordinary bikini underwear. The waist is low, which can make women’s beautiful legs be displayed, showing a charming and sexy style.

3. The type of bikini opened

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With the progress of the times, there are more and more types of bikini.According to the design and use, the opening bikini can be divided into the following categories:

? Low -waist triangle: originated in France and opened the front.

? T -shaped pants: Other parts are continuous, except that the middle and front part is opened, and the shape is unique.

? Shoulder set: A special opening bikini with only one shoulder strap on the back, allowing you to have more choices in matching, which can highlight the beauty of the figure.

4. The size and purchase suggestion of the bikini

To buy the open -file bikini not only requires attention to the size, but also understands your body shape.To ensure the most suitable size.

Bust: A basic parameter, the feet of the chest.

? Hip around: The length around the bone from chrysanthemums to the root of the thigh is measured.

? Limin: The distance was measured from one side to the other side in the narrowest part of the abdomen.

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The correct size can provide the best use effect. It should be noted that the size of each brand may be different, and the actual situation must be based on the actual situation.

5. How to maintain the bikini?

When washing independently, the quality should be maintained by accurately reading the washing guide on the label.Generally speaking, underwear should be washed with warm water. Do not use bleach, do not rub or distort it, but should be dried flat.

6. The precautions for the wearing of the bikini

When wearing a bikini, you should combine your personal circumstances and do power. Do not pay too much attention to the appearance or pursue a certain incarnation.In addition, when preparing for complex, it is recommended to choose comfortable, environmentally friendly, and difficult to damage brands and types

7. The best match for Bikini

In terms of matching, the bikini can be paired with a variety of clothing.For example, short skirts, beautiful coats, and European and American casual clothes that make you more sexy.In addition, the color of the clothing and the heels even affect the breath and momentum of you.

8. Applicable occasions for bikini

The open bikini is mostly used in the process of sex. As a kind of sexy underwear, it can create some surprises more convenient and risky.Of course, you can put it on other occasions, such as a wedding honeymoon trip, or an unforgettable party, which can make you feel confident and sexy.

9. The advantages of opening a bikini

The biggest advantage of opening a bikini is that in the process of sex, women can enjoy the fun of sex without taking off their underwear. At the same time, the bikini can also add fun to make you and your partner more comfortable and coordinated emotionally.

10. The point of opening a bikini

Opening a bikini is a special sexy underwear. Its appearance makes sex life more exciting and colorful.At the same time, the opening bikini also requires individuals to have a certain combination and maintenance skills when using and wear, otherwise vulnerabilities are prone to occur.Proper use of open bikini can make sex life more harmonious and happy.