Zhuji Quota Underwear Factory

Zhuji Fun Underwear Factory -the process of understanding sexy underwear

Interest underwear has always been one of the styles that female friends like.With the development of the times, more and more women have begun to accept and experience this novel clothing style.In Zhuji City, there is a factory specializing in sexy underwear. Let’s take a closer look at the production process of the sexy underwear factory.

Raw material preparation

Before production, sexy underwear must be carefully designed and selected.Since it is a special class underwear, the selected fabrics need to have a certain sexy, breathable and durability.Therefore, in the production process, high -end fabrics such as silk, lace, fabrics are usually used and dyed.


Next, the workers will cut the fabric selected by the design pattern according to the design pattern.Different styles and different sizes of erotic underwear will have different tailoring designs to meet the needs of users.

Version of

Playing is a very important step in the entire production process. It determines the final molding effect of sexy underwear.The production of the version needs to be done with different machinery and skills personnel.Sometimes, the production of version of the version needs to be carried out using 3D technology and analog appliances.

Sewing assembly

When assembly of sexy underwear sewing, it is necessary to use some machine equipment and tools that are specifically used to handle underwear models.These machines and tools allow workers to integrate different components of underwear through sewing and assembly.The perfect sewing and assembly process can make the quality of the underwear better.

Quality management and testing

During the production process, the quality of sexy underwear is very important, so each sample is required to check and evaluate the quality.This process needs to go through multiple links, such as needle foot detection and quality statistics.Once you find any quality problems, the quality inspection department will replace or remake the product in time.

Packaging Logistics

Once the production process is completed, the sexy underwear needs to be packaged, marked and classified according to the size and model.Then, underwear will be transported and transported to clothing stores around the world or directly to consumers.

market feedback

Market feedback is an important criterion for evaluating the quality and effect of sexy underwear.The factory will obtain market feedback through various channels, such as evaluation, questionnaire survey, complaints, etc., in order to adjust the design and production level of the product in time.

Social responsibility undertaken by the factory

In addition to the production of sexy underwear, the sexy underwear factory also shoulders a certain social responsibility.As a manufacturer, it must comply with various regulations and standards, maintain production safety and environmental health, and realize the healthy interaction between the production and the social environment of the enterprise.

in conclusion

The production of sexy underwear is a comprehensive project.From design to production to sales, each link is very important.Only by improving these links can we produce high -quality sexy underwear products and get good market feedback and reputation.Therefore, sexy underwear factories must always pay attention to product quality and applicability, and actively adjust and adapt to market demand.