You can bring a fun shown by train

Can I bring a lot of failed underwear during the train travel?

With the rise of the sexy underwear industry in recent years, more and more people will choose to wear a variety of sexy underwear in daily life. However, when they travel, they do not know if they can bring these underwear.Today we will discuss whether you can bring a lot of interest underwear in train travel.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear refers to a professional style underwear designed to increase sex or beautify the body line.Its main feature is more sexy, personalized, and reflecting women’s softness and charm.Common sexy underwear include stockings, lace underwear, sexual clothes, open crotch pants, etc.

Can you bring a lot of fun underwear on the train?

The answer is yes. According to the regulations of the railway department, it is allowed to carry a train with a sexy underwear.Although these underwear belongs to private items, it will not affect the public transport environment and order in the category of daily wear.

How to carry a sexy underwear on the train?

Generally speaking, fun underwear, like other clothes, can be put directly in a suitcase.It is recommended to put the sexy underwear into the bottom layer of personal items to carry or put it into the bottom layer of the liquid box, which can reduce the possibility of exposed items.

What do you need to pay special attention?

Before carrying underwear, be sure to check whether there are relatives, friends, guests or children in the carriage.If you find that there are high -risk people, it is better to choose to be safer at the right time period or location.

What kind of sexy underwear should I choose?

Because there is a relatively close distance between passengers on the train, it is recommended to choose some simple and soft sexy underwear to avoid dazzling or too sexy wearing affecting others.In addition, pay attention to comfort and the style suitable for you.

What else do you need to pay attention to with sexy underwear?

In order to avoid luggage from being stolen or falling in sexy underwear while traveling, it is recommended to pack your clothes in different bags and take off all metal accessories when equipped with sexy underwear.

How to maintain and clean?

After returning with sexy underwear, you need to do well in maintenance and cleaning.It is recommended to use a dedicated cleaner and follow relevant guidance for cleaning.Do not pull hard during maintenance to avoid damaging sexy lingerie.

Case analysis: How do Ms. Zhang carry a sexy underwear on the train?

When traveling by train, Ms. Zhang chose to carry sexy underwear in her personal items, and at the same time placed a layer of clothing to cover at the bottom to avoid being placed on the above items.After arriving at the train station, put your personal items in the leather bag and carry it easily.


In the end, the conclusion that we can comply with some basic safety rules when carrying a sexy underwear to avoid impact on others, and at the same time carry out cleaning and maintenance work.While ensuring the happiness and convenience of the itinerary, it can also meet the usual cosmetics requirements.

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