Yoshida Caiya’s love underwear

Yoshida Caiya’s love underwear

As a Japanese sexy underwear model, Yoshida Caiya has won the attention of a large number of fans with her perfect figure and charming appearance.She has endorsed many sexy underwear brands, and each brand has its unique number.Today, I will introduce the sexy underwear and its corresponding numbers of Aiyama Yaishaya.

1. Rose Girl

Fan Number: SNE-174, RebDB-030

Rose girl is a very typical loli erotic underwear. It has the characteristics of cuteness, freshness, and sweetness. Women who are very elegant by cultural temperament are welcomed. SNE-174 uniform temptation, REBDB-030 pink temptation.

2. Love petals

Dial number: IDBD-579

Love petals are a sexy underwear with excellent visual effects. It is based on the theme of petals. The white and transparent mesh stitching design is as if the flowers bloom on the body, which is very sexy.

3. Ecclesiasm black

Fan Number: Rebdb-028

Ecstasy black is an underwear full of temptation and mystery. It is composed of black stockings, thongs, transparent hook flowers design and other elements. It is both exposed and not revealed, so that your skinny legs are fully displayed.

4. Romantic Story

Fan Number: SNE-174

Romantic theory is a sexy underwear with the theme of dark blue. It uses lace, mesh, and bead chains to decorate, so that you add a bit of sexy to the romantic foreign style.

5. Sexy temptation

Dial number: SMD-145

Often a good sexy underwear should not lack sexy, which is also one of the characteristics of sexy temptation. Through its special design and fabrics, you can feel infinite sexy and attractive after wearing it.

6. Fairy underwear that can be felt

Fan Number: AAK-042

The sexy underwear that can be touched is a sexy underwear featuring soft materials and touch. It uses seamless design and quality fabrics. After wearing it, it can bring comfortable feelings to the body.

7. Red fanaticism

Fan Number: IMBD-386

Red fanaticism is a challenging sexy underwear. With the theme of red, it is naughty to show everyone’s charm and inherent sexy through elements such as lace borders and bellyband design.

8. Love lace

Fan Number: BMD-501

Love lace is a mature, sweet and elegant sexy underwear. Based on black and red lace, it becomes fresh and cute through the love decoration on the chest.

9. Black Confucius Star

Fan Number: SMD-185

Black Confucian star is a very sexy sexy underwear. It usually uses black and golden elements, and the translucent design of key parts, making the figure of the wearer more eye -catching.

10. Hot spring sweetheart

Fan Number: AAK-021

Hot spring sweetheart is a unique and high -quality sexy underwear. It uses soft materials and curvature to brings amazing cover and beauty to the body.


Yoshida Caiya’s endorsement of sexy underwear is open and diverse. They have different forms and novel styles. They need to choose a specific sexy underwear. They should consider personal preferences, busts, styles, colors, etc., as well as material materials materials, and sex products materials, and sex products materials, and sex products materials, and sex products materials.The most important thing is that not only is the sexy underwear look good, but also comfortable to wear.

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