Yiyang Intellectual Underwear Pictures Daquan

Yiyang Intellectual Underwear Pictures Daquan

Interesting underwear is becoming more and more loved by young people, becoming a must -have for fashion trends.And Yiyang’s fun underwear is one of the more well -known sexy underwear brands in China. Its design style is diverse, suitable for different occasions and needs.The different styles and occasions of Yiyang’s sexy underwear will be introduced below.

1. Pajamas series

The pajamas series of Yiyang Soywear is divided into two styles: cute and sweet and sexy charm.The cute and sweet series usually uses light tones such as pink, plus elements such as lace edges and bows, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling.The sexy charm series implies the love and taste between adults. Usually, dark tones such as black and red, and at the same time pay attention to detail design, such as pickled and hollowed out, highlighting the beauty of women.

2. Drain series

The bras series of Yiyang Instead also divided into two styles: cute, sweet and sexy charm.Among them, the cute and sweet series is mostly made of cotton, and the size is relatively large, suitable for daily wear.The sexy charm series pays more attention to the comfort and elasticity of the material. The shape emphasizes visual effects and personal comfort, and it is suitable for using sexy clothing.

3. Quota underwear series

Sexual underwear is another important part of the Yiyang Fun underwear series.Interest underwear must not only be comfortable and close, but also to play a sexy role.Yiyang’s sexy underwear has a variety of design styles, with simple and generous shapes, as well as creative design, such as lace lace and infusion device.Different styles are suitable for different people.

4. Uniform series

Uniforms are a special type of sexy underwear. Yiyang’s sex underwear also has its own uniform series.These uniforms have elements of teachers, doctors and other occupations, but also pay attention to sexy effects, which can be visually recognized at a glance.It should be noted that the sexy underwear of the uniform series is not too exposed, and the appropriate style should be selected according to your body and occasion.

5. Leather series

The leather clothing series is a relatively special design style in Yiyang’s sexy underwear, which is often used as sex toy accessories such as SM.The leather clothing series usually uses high -grade leather materials, has a certain comfort and fit, while paying attention to functionality, such as handcuffs and dog chains.It should be noted that when using the sexy underwear of the leather clothing series, try to avoid discomfort to the body.

6. Open crotch series

The open crotch series is a design element in Yiyang’s sexy underwear, which uses the design method of open crotch.The sexy underwear of the open crotch suggests that sex toys and sexual behavior are more popular among couples.However, it should be noted that the sexy underwear of the open crotch may cause a certain stimulus to the sex organs and need to be used with caution.

7. Perspective series

The perspective series is a more special design element in Yiyang’s sexy underwear.Performing erotic underwear uses transparent or translucent materials, which adds a touch of mystery and imagination through the method of covering and displaying.However, it should be noted that when using the sexual lingerie of the perspective series, you need to pay attention to the exposure and occasions.

8. Private Paste Series

The private part of the private part is the most mysterious design element in Yiyang’s fun underwear, which is suitable for sensitive parts.This kind of sexy underwear uses a material that can keep it combined and does not irritate the skin, and the design will be special, such as heart shape and roses.It is necessary to pay attention when using, use the method and time limit in the manual strictly.

in conclusion

In summary, Yiyang’s Inflowing Underwear, as a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, has a rich series and a variety of design styles, which can meet the use of different occasions and needs.When using these erotic underwear, we must follow the basic principles of sex toys, rational, cautiously and pay attention to physical health.

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