Yiwu Interesting Underwear Recycling Store Address

Yiwu Interesting Underwear Recycling Store Address

Yiwu, as one of the world’s largest small commodity distribution center, has a very rich sexy underwear resources.However, with the increase of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the increase in demand for recycling old clothes, a number of sexy underwear recycling shops have emerged.Below, let’s explore the address of these shops together.

Shop 1: On the small wild cat second -hand clothing store

On the second floor of Shixintian Mall in Zhiwu City, the second -hand clothing store of Ono Cat, No. 2064, No. 2064, the second floor of Shixintian Mall in Zhiwu City.The purchase of various sexy underwear in the store is mainly female underwear. The price is slightly higher than other stores, but the quality is more guaranteed.

Shop 2: 嗳 服 second -hand clothing store

The second -hand clothing store is located at No. 36 Renmin South Road, Yiwu City. It focuses on high -grade adult sexy underwear, and the number of underwear in the store is large, covering various styles and sizes.Not only that, the store will also conduct various promotional activities from time to time, and the price is relatively affordable.

Store 3: Imagine the second -hand market

Imagine the second -hand market is a comprehensive recycling store opened in Yiwu in the early days. It mainly operates adult sex products, including various types of sexy underwear and stockings.The environment in the store is clean and hygienic, and the staff has a better service attitude.

Shop 4: Kapok second -hand

Kapok Second-hand Store is located at 107-108 Building 18, Donghua Road, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City.The store mainly acquires women’s underwear, sling skirts, stockings and other items, and will also launch new products according to different seasons.The price is relatively cheap, and you can also negotiate the price with the owner.

Shop 5: Sheroer second -hand clothing market

The Xuelu second -hand clothing market is one of the largest second -hand market in Yiwu. There are also many types of goods acquired and recycled. Among them, it is indispensable for sex underwear.The store is neatly displayed, the source of goods is wide, and the price is relatively moderate.

Shop 6: Queen Magic Queen used clothing store

Queen Magic Queen’s second -hand clothing store is located at No. 99 Renmin Middle Road, Yiwu City. It mainly acquires mid -to -high -grade women with underwear, such as sexy underwear, underwear, stockings, etc.It is often a very good recycling store in the store and low -cost promotion.

Shop 7: Silent Hill

Silent Ridge is located at No. 1899, Renmin Middle Road, Yiwu City. It mainly acquires women’s underwear, stockings, tight pants and other products.The store is mainly black and white, and the environment is relatively quiet.The price is relatively moderate, and it is suitable for buying products such as swimwear.

Shop 8: Dieyuan Xuan second -hand clothing store

Die Yuanxuan second -hand clothing store is located at No. 2040, the second floor of Xintiandi Mall in Sanlian South Street, Sanlian South Street, Yiwu City.The store will replace the products and improve the environment on a regular basis. There are also a certain amount of sexy underwear recovered, and the quality is high.The price is moderate, and there are often membership discounts and special products.

Store 9: Fangcao second -hand market

The second -hand market in Fangcao is a professional recycling place. The purchase of various second -hand products in the store, the number of ICs is extremely unbelievable.Among them, there are special products such as interest underwear.The price is relatively low, suitable for customers with a large number of purchases.

Shop 10: Jorsion second -hand shop

Jorsion Second -hand Store is located next to the Red Star Merrine, Gemstone Street, Yiwu City. It mainly acquires female underwear and home clothing.The store is large, the types of goods are relatively complete, and the price is relatively high.Most of the fabrics in the store are high -quality cotton and linen fabrics, with excellent washing feeling.


The above is the detailed address of the Yiwu Interesting Underwear Recycling Store. Each store has a very good value. Each shop has different characteristics for everyone to choose from.Finally, remind everyone that we must pay attention to hygiene and legitimacy during the purchase process to protect personal rights and health.

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