Yellow sex underwear shooting


In recent years, yellow sex lingerie has begun to rise rapidly, becoming one of the most popular sexy underwear.The design and style of yellow erotic lingerie are carefully considered to show the charm and sexy of women.The shooting of yellow sex underwear can show its beauty. Let’s discuss the techniques of yellow color sexy underwear.


First, we need to pay attention to two aspects: light and shooting angle.Before shooting, you need to do a good job of lighting and the environment to ensure that the shooting screen can fully show the color and texture of yellow color sexy underwear.When shooting, we need to choose the right angle to highlight the characteristics and shapes of sexy underwear.

Model selection

It is also important to choose a suitable model.The model of the model needs to be in line with the style and style of sexy underwear.If the underwear is tight, you need to choose a tall model. If the underwear is a lace texture, you need to choose a model with graceful temperament.

Shooting equipment

Choosing the right equipment can improve the effect of shooting.The camera lens should be clear and can display the high -definition and color of sexy underwear.The use of a tripod during shooting can ensure that the screen is stable and can create more sense of space.

Background layout

The layout of the background is also very important.Choose a simple background to highlight the elements of sexy underwear, such as placing white felt or white artificial leather on the ground.

Makeup and shape

Before shooting, you need to make a perfect makeup and shape for the model.Careful makeup can make the model more beautiful, highlighting the color and elements of yellow color sexy underwear.


The model’s Pose needs a lot of thoughts.When shooting yellow sexy underwear, POSE needs to match the style and style of sexy underwear.For example, if sexy underwear is sexy and sexy, then POSE needs to express the sexy and charming of the model.

Color adjustment

After shooting, post -made processing needs to be carried out to adjust the color and light, making the shooting yellow sexy underwear more bright and brighter.

Effect presentation

Finally, present the good shooting effect of yellow sexy underwear to customers.This needs to be done with professional software.


Yellow erotic underwear is a very special kind of sexy underwear. It requires more energy to shoot.Choosing the right equipment, making perfect makeup and shapes for the model, and choosing a simple background, etc., are all aspects that need to be paid attention to.Before shooting, it is necessary to plan and prepare for it to better present the beauty of yellow sexy underwear.

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