XL sex underwear size

XL sex underwear size introduction

As a unique clothing, sexy underwear is welcomed by more and more people.Many people continue to work hard to shape their bodies in order to wear sexy sexy underwear.However, size is one of the important factors that cannot be ignored in the purchase of sex underwear.For users who need XL numbers, how to choose the size correctly is a problem that needs to be solved.Below, let’s take a look at the introduction of XL sex underwear size.

1. Understand your own size

When buying sexy underwear, you must first understand your own size.Women’s body shapes are different, so pay more attention to the size of the size according to their actual situation.The size mainly involves the following aspects:

Breast: refers

Lower bust: refers to the minimum perimeter under the lowest ribs;

Lumbar circumference: refers to the minimum length of the entire waist;

Glores: It refers to the perimeter of the most prominent amount in the hips.

2. Buy adjustable underwear

For most users who need XL numbers, due to the differences in various aspects, it is not easy to choose the appropriate underwear size.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you can choose some adjustable loose bands so that it can be more convenient to wear.

3. Pay attention to the choice of breast cup

For XL users, the bust is relatively large, so you need to choose the correct and appropriate breast cup specification.If the size of the chest cup is too small, it is not only easy to cause discomfort, but it may also affect the appearance of the appearance.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose the appropriate breast cup specification to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

4. Properly choose loose styles

For some users who need XL numbers, the body proportion is relatively special.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is more practical to choose a loose style appropriately.Loose styles can not only solve the problem of inconsistent proportion of the body, but also make the body more comfortable and free.

5. Grasp the color matching

In addition to the selection of size, color matching is also an important aspect of sexy underwear purchase.Proper color matching can not only improve temperament, cater to sexy dressing effects, but also make yourself relax and balance better.

6. Selection of fabrics and styles

The fabric of sexy underwear is also one of the important aspects of the choice.The right fabric can maintain the style and comfort of the underwear well, such as lace fabrics, cotton fabrics, etc., you need to choose according to the actual situation.In addition, the choice of style also needs to be selected according to their own figure and personality.

7. Buy a moderate amount

The number of sexy underwear also needs to be fully considered.When buying sexy underwear, appropriately reduce the number and frequency, which can avoid the ineffectiveness of waste and purchase.In addition, it can also be economically saved and guaranteed.

8. Select time to buy

It is also important to choose the right time when buying sexy underwear.For example, you can buy in special festivals, promotion season and discount activities, and can obtain certain discounts and guarantees to a large extent.


During the entire purchase of sexy underwear, size selection is a more important aspect.How to correctly choose the right size can not only ensure comfort, but also improve the appearance effect of wearing.Therefore, pay attention to the above aspects when buying sexy underwear to get more comfortable, fashionable, and free to wear experiences.

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