Women’s sexy underwear Taobao.com

Women’s sexy underwear Taobao.com

First one: eye mask sexy underwear

Eye mask sexy underwear, as the name suggests, has an eye mask. This underwear is not only beautiful, but also makes the ladies wear more mysterious and sexy.

Paragraph 2: Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a very love underwear that ladies love. This underwear looks very beautiful, has a gentle feeling, is very comfortable to wear, and is suitable for various occasions.

Third paragraph: bellyband -style sexy underwear

Belly -style sexy underwear is also a very popular underwear. The style of this underwear is bolder, which can show the curve of women’s bodies. It is very suitable for sexy and bold ladies.

Fourth paragraph: hollowed out sexy underwear

Hollow sexy underwear is a relatively novel sexy underwear. This underwear is usually part of the hollow of cups and bottom pants. It makes women wear more relaxed and comfortable, and can also show the lady’s figure.

Fifth paragraph: suspender -style sexy underwear

Sling -style sexy underwear is a more common sexy underwear. This underwear is usually composed of a strap on both sides. It is very convenient to wear and is very suitable for clothes such as suspended skirts.

Sixth paragraph: stockings -style sexy underwear

Stockings -style sexy underwear is different from other styles of sexy underwear. It adopts integrated design to combine the bottom of the underwear and part of the legs to make women wear more convenient and reflect the sexy and sexy temptation.

Seventh paragraph: perspective sexy underwear

Performance erotic underwear is a bold underwear. After wearing it, it can show the body’s body curve. It has a large number of acupuncture design. It is also the first choice for women to wear more confidence and boldness.

Eighth: Net Eye Inspection Underwear

Net eye sexy underwear is a sexy underwear composed of a large number of small pores. It can perceive the temperature and breath of the lady’s body. It is very suitable for women who love to explore and enjoy life.

9th paragraph: open crotch sexy underwear

Open crotch sexy underwear is a kind of underwear wearing more bold women. This underwear is mostly made of silicone, so it is suitable for later cleaning and maintenance, which can provide a more hygienic environment.

Paragraph tenth: shoulder strap style sexy underwear

The shoulder strap sexy underwear is an underwear composed of one or more shoulder straps. This underwear is not only broad, but also shows the temperament and personality of women. It is usually no belt, and it is more comfortable to wear.

In short, no matter what style of sexy underwear can make women feel different sexy and confident, with the company of sexy underwear, women can also make their bodies play to the extreme.

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