Wishes to send sex underwear to girlfriends

Wishes to send sex underwear to girlfriends

Gifts are a way to express my mind, and sending affectionate underwear has more special significance.If you decide to send sexy underwear to your girlfriend, then this gift needs to be considered from multiple aspects, including type, color, size, etc.At the same time as gifts, we should also attach some profound blessings, which will be introduced in detail below.

1. Select style: romantic style

There are many types of sexy underwear. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the preferences of your girlfriends.For some romantic girls, lace, lace, carving and other styles are more suitable.Because these lace patterns can not only enhance women’s charm, but also bring a soft feeling.

2. Select color: classic black

The choice of color is also very important. Classic black is a good choice.Black erotic underwear will neither look too indulgent, nor is it too coquettish, suitable for most women.Therefore, if you are not sure which color of sexy underwear you like, black is definitely a good choice.

3. Select size: importance is self -evident

Choosing a size is the most important factor when choosing a sexy underwear.If the size is wrong, it will not only cause the meaning of unsuitable, but also lose the meaning of gifts.Therefore, you must understand the size of your girlfriend before buying. If you are not sure, you can consider asking her clothes size to choose a appropriate sexy underwear size.

4. Blessings: Confidence

Interest underwear is a way to increase women’s confidence.When you give your girlfriend’s sexy underwear, you can write some blessings, such as "May you put on this sexy underwear and show your beauty and charm confidently."

5. Blessings 2: Happiness

Gifts of sexy underwear can also mean happiness.For example, you can send a sexy underwear printed with the word "happiness" and write down a profound blessing.This gift can express that although friends are not husband and wife, they also hope that they are happy with each other.

6. Blessings 3: Details

Choosing a delicate erotic underwear means that you are careful and considerate. To some extent, the most important thing to send erotic underwear is to show our girlfriends that we remember her and care about her.Therefore, in the writing of blessings, you can write similar to "this exquisite gift, which represents the details between you and me."

7. Blessings: Freedom

In addition to self -confidence, happiness, and details, sexy underwear also means freedom and indulgence.For example, you can write: "Put on it, bid bidding restraint and constraints, and show your sexy and freedom."

8. Blessings 5: Enjoy

Another purpose of sending sex underwear is to make the characters use it.Therefore, in the blessing, you can write, "Send you this sexy underwear, I hope you can enjoy the wonderful feelings it brings."

9. Blessings 6: Beautiful

No matter what kind of blessing style you choose, the purpose of conveying good wishes should be used.After all, this gift comes from the embodiment of the heart and emotions, and I wish your friendship is getting better and better.

10. Conclusion

Gifts to sex underwear are more about your relationship with this girlfriend. This gift is a trust, affection, and a good memory.No matter what type of erotic underwear you choose, only when the friendship is strong, we must also use blessings to express beautiful wishes.

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