Wife buys sexy underwear with her husband back


Sexy underwear is a sexy and tempting clothing. In addition to enhancing self -confidence and interest, it can also increase the fun between husband and wife.However, my wife carried the topic of her husband to buy sexy underwear, and it seemed that there were still some taboos and trouble in some people’s impression.So why do some women buy sexy underwear with their own partners?

Reason one: Self -awareness is not strong

For some women who do not buy sexy underwear often, they may be shy because they are not confident or unfamiliar with their bodies.Therefore, they will choose to buy sexy underwear alone or with female friends.

Reason 2: Worried about her husband’s dislike

Some women may worry that their partners will be disgusted with their sexy underwear, or misunderstand their intentions.Therefore, they will choose not to mention it to each other, and buy sexy underwear with each other.

Reason three: Try a fresh experience

For some women who already have a certain purchase experience, they want to try new sexy underwear, or they want to bring different feelings and surprises to their partners.Therefore, they will choose to buy sexy underwear alone or with female friends to get a more private and convenient experience.

Reason 4: Want to protect privacy

Some women may want to protect their privacy because of work needs or family influence.They choose to buy sexy underwear with each other to prevent them from being discovered by relatives, friends or colleagues, which will cause embarrassment and unnecessary trouble.

Solution 1: Communication and understanding

It is indeed important based on the personal preference and situation of the other party, but communication and understanding are even more critical.Husbands and wives should learn more about each other’s thoughts and the effects they want to achieve, encourage the other party to try a fresh experience, frequently communicate the experience and experience of the two parties, and strengthen the interaction of feelings.

Solution 2: Buy sexy underwear together

In order to avoid misunderstandings and contradictions between partners, you can also buy sexy underwear together.You can compare different styles and materials, buy appropriate size and styles, increase the opportunity to understand and interact, add emotional interaction between husband and wife, and enjoy the fun of life together.


Whether you are carrying your husband or buying sexy underwear with your husband, you need to pay attention to each other’s respect and understanding.Choose a way that suits you and each other, which can increase the fun between husband and wife, and enhance emotional interaction and communication.

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