Wife and sexy underwear

Wife’s underwear selection difficulties

For many people, sexy underwear is a special style of clothing, but for wives, the choice of sexy underwear is a problem.They need to balance sexy, charming and tenderness, and make them more attractive, and they must also consider their age and figure.So, how should I choose the right sexy underwear?

Sexy does not mean disclosure

First of all, when choosing sexy underwear, wives should not associate sexy and disclosure.Although the sexy underwear revealed at first sight, this does not mean that it is suitable for wives.On the contrary, some retro and smooth lines of sexy underwear can improve the advantages of the figure while not being too glamorous.

Comfort is the primary consideration factors

Secondly, whether it is sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, when choosing, comfort is the primary consideration.Wives should choose sexy underwear suitable for their bodies to avoid uncomfortable wear and reduce their confidence.Choosing the size and fabric that is suitable for your own can also make the effect of sexy underwear better.

Colors need to be cautious

In the choice of sex underwear, color matching also needs to be considered carefully.Wife can choose the color that is similar to her skin tone, which makes sexy underwear more comfortable and easier to attract people’s interest.When choosing the color, avoid too gorgeous or too tranquil colors, so that you can better show your sexy and charm.

Lace and mesh make the figure more prominent

Lace and mesh are classic design elements in sexy underwear.Compared with pure cotton materials, lace and mesh can better outline the curve and posture of women’s bodies.When choosing, wives can choose a design with lace and mesh, which can help them better show their sexy and charm.

The most important style suitable for your style

The most important thing is that when choosing a sexy underwear, a wife must choose a style that suits his style.Everyone’s body, temperament, and personality are different. Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, choose the right style combined with their own characteristics.In this way, we can wear their sexy, and it is easier to attract the interest of the other party.

Interesting underwear maintenance is exquisite

To make sexy lingerie go smoothly, maintenance is essential.Different maintenance measures are required depending on the fabric and size of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, it is recommended to wash and avoid the use of bleach and drying, which can keep the sexy underwear in a good state and life.

The accessories of sexy underwear are also important

The accessories of erotic underwear are also part of the unavoidable part.When choosing sexy underwear, wives can choose to match the corresponding stockings, high heels, gloves and other accessories.This can not only match your own complete sexy style, but also enhance your charm.

The choice of sexy underwear needs to be paid attention to occasion

Finally, when choosing sexy underwear, wives also need to pay attention to occasions.Different occasions require different sexy underwear.In private occasions, you can choose to disclose sexy and enthusiastic styles; in public, you need to choose more conservative and low -key styles.Therefore, the choice of sexy underwear also needs to combine itself.

Choose the right sexy underwear to show the sexy charm that belongs to your own

In short, the wife’s choice of sexy underwear needs to think about multiple factors such as his body, temperament, age, and occasion.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can make their charm a higher level and show their unique sexy charm.

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