Why is sexy underwear so rotten so fast

Why is it easy to rot in sex underwear

Many people buy the sexy underwear is very poor, and it will be rotten soon, which is disappointing.There are many reasons that cause erotic underwear. The following are the main reasons:

Use low -quality materials

Many low -cost erotic underwear manufacturers purchase low -quality materials from suppliers.These materials are usually thin, easy to damage, impatient, and lack sufficient elasticity.Therefore, even if they don’t wear them for a long time, they are easy to rot.

Damage caused by wear

It is inevitable when wearing sexy underwear.Slice the pads, skin and other clothes when wearing underwear, which will cause the clothes to be damaged in a short time.In addition, when washing underwear, too hard -to -hand can cause wear.

Inappropriate size

It is also one of the reasons why the unsuitable size is also one of the reason for the rapid wear of the sexy underwear. Excessive or too large underwear will increase the possibility of damage.It is recommended to buy underwear that is suitable for your size or seek professional help to ensure a fit.

Incorrect way of washing

Many people do not understand how to wash sexy underwear, which also causes the problem of erotic underwear.Excessive force when washing or using wrong detergent can cause damage to underwear.The correct way of washing is to use warm water, gently clean the underwear, and then dry it flat.

Low pricing

The price of some sex lingerie is very low, and it looks very attractive, but its quality is inferior and has a short life. The ultimate cost will actually be higher. Due to frequent purchase of underwear and poor quality, the loss will be greater.

Missing storage methods

Many people stuffed underwear into drawers or wardrobes at will, which means that they are squeezed and wrinkled, leading to rapid wear.When storing underwear, arrange in the cabinet in the order of shape, and follow the flat rules.This can reduce the burden on underwear and extend life.

For a long time

It is also one of the reasons for the rapid wear of the sex underwear.The fabric on the underwear will be damaged with the passage of time, so it should be replaced frequently.It is recommended to replace underwear at least 2-3 times a year, or measure whether to replace new underwear according to the dressed situation.

Like a specific underwear

Some people may have a soft spot for the sexy lingerie of specific styles/brands, and they will frequently wear the same underwear, and ignore the importance of changing underwear.It is recommended to diversify your own sexual underwear and take turns to wear in turn to avoid excessive wear of any underwear.

in conclusion

In many cases, the quality and use of sexy underwear are very important, which can affect life and use effects.Therefore, we need to consider how to buy and maintain underwear, and adhere to the correct methods in order to ensure that our sexy lingerie has a longer life and a good experience.

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