Why is sexy underwear cheap

1. The market value of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a popular sexual product. With the progress of society and the change of personal aesthetics, people’s attitudes towards sex are no longer conservative and fixed, which makes the demand for the sexy underwear market continuously improved.In this case, manufacturers have also strengthened production to meet market demand, and the market has grown rapidly.

2. Brand effect and production cost

Despite the growing demand and scale of the sexy underwear market, the brand leaders of sex underwear have not appeared.This may be due to the lack of popularity and some brands that have not yet promoted or expand new markets.At the same time, the decline in production costs is also the reason for the decline in sexy underwear.With the improvement of experience and technology, workers have increasingly automated production to reduce costs.

3. Progress of production technology

With the development of technology, the production technology of sexy underwear has also been greatly improved.Consumers can enjoy more quality, more innovative and more in line with ergonomic underwear products. At the same time, production costs also decrease with the improvement of technology, which makes the price more affordable.

4. The impact of market competition

Market competition is one of the main factors for decline in price.With the increase of sexy underwear market participants, fierce competition has been launched between brands.Each brand is trying to improve its product quality, adaptability and function.The only way to occupy market share is to reduce prices.This kind of competition is a good choice. They can choose a product that suits them among many brands without having to worry about losses for prices.

5. Change of sales channels

The change in sales channels is also one of the reasons for the decline in sex underwear.Traditional sales channels, such as physical stores and markets, have always been the main sales model of sexy underwear.But now, more and more sexy underwear companies use online sales platforms to sell products, which not only saves costs, but also expands the scope of brand publicity.Consumers also like to buy sexy underwear online, because this can easily compare prices and choose the best quality products.

6. Selection of raw materials

The selection of raw materials is closely related to manufacturing costs.With the improvement of technology, the quality of materials is more guaranteed and more environmentally friendly.In the market, raw materials such as real silk, velvet, high elastic fabrics and functional fibers are widely used.These materials are high, but the high quality and comfort they bring can also improve consumer experience, and the price is no longer so expensive.

7. Find the consumer psychology of stable life

Now, more and more people are pursuing a stable and comfortable life.Excessive consumption pressure and intense life make people pay more attention to comfortable and healthy lifestyles.Putting a set of sexy erotic underwear allows people to stay away from pressure and relax.Such demand will continue to grow, and the decline in prices also meets the desire to buy these consumers.

8. Change of profit models

Sex underwear companies gradually change their profit model, from relying on a single product to the overall solution to provide products and services.In addition to the product itself, supporting services have also become the main source of profitable underwear companies, such as in -store renovation and design consulting. These are consumer behavior that can extend consumers.The marketization and diversification of services have further reduced the cost of sexy underwear.

9. The Internet out of the Internet of small and medium manufacturers

The number of traditional sexy underwear manufacturers is huge, with a small scale and weak strength, and is unfavorable to the market.However, with the continuous development and popularization of Internet technology, small manufacturers can also expand their market share through the network platform, achieve extensive promotion of products, and then achieve the goals of reducing costs and effectively improving profits.

10. Conclusion

All in all, the reason why erotic underwear is getting cheaper and cheaper is caused by many factors.Changes in market demand, progress of production technology, changes in sales channels, optimization of raw materials supply, the popularity of the Internet, and changes in profit models. Under the common effect of these factors, the price of sexy underwear is more and more affordable.For consumers, they have bought better products, and their prices are more reasonable.

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