Why are there a lot of mesh holes in sex underwear

Why are there a lot of mesh caves in sex underwear?

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of love life, especially female friends like to use interest underwear to arouse men’s interest.We may have watched some pictures and videos of sexy underwear. There will be a lot of net holes on some sexy underwear. Some female friends may not understand the design meaning of these holes. Today we will explore.Hole.

1. Improve sexy

The design purpose of sexy underwear is to improve the sexyness of the entire underwear through some reasonable design.The existence of mesh caves can be exposed to some parts. This exposure process can improve the feeling of beauty.Net caves make underwear more charming and more attractive. This is a way for designers to constantly consider and practice when creating sex underwear.

2. shrink the figure

The problem in the design meaning of another sexy underwear is to change the figure.Through some compression, filling, etc., women’s figures look taller and slender.The design of the net hole can also shrink the figure in some places.In the part of the waist and chest, the designer can choose a large -scale network hole to play a significant effect of restraint and contraction, and achieve a significant effect of firming the body.

3. Increase ventilation

There are many materials for sexy underwear, common ones, cotton, polyester, lace, silk, and so on.Some of these materials are easy to squeeze and bind, resulting in less comfortable wear.And adding a network hole can increase ventilation, making people feel more comfortable, so that underwear can breathe.Especially in the hot summer, you don’t want to put on the sweltering underwear!

4. Balance temperature

In the process of sex, the body of women and men will become very hot, and the web design of sexy underwear can help balance body temperature.When the internal temperature is too high, these net holes can allow the calories to flow freely and let the body vent too much calories.In this way, calories can be evenly distributed in sexy underwear to maintain a pleasant experience.

5. Improve self -confidence

Women can often be more confident than usual after wearing fun underwear, because this dress can provide a feeling of "goddess".Some underwear mesh design will also support this detail. They make female friends full of confidence and release a more sexy temperament.

6. Invite sexual fantasy

Another important design goal of sexy underwear is to open the sexual fantasy and sexual imagination between couples.The design of the net cave played a pivotal role in this regard, because they revealed the secret islands of most women.They invite male friends to adventure, so as to find more interesting things in the course of sex.

7. Provide space for easy operation

In the process of sex, men sometimes need to do some movements and operations, which even include wearing special protection equipment.The design of the mesh can provide more convenient operating space, making the whole process smoother, thereby increasing the pleasure of each other.

8. Various forms

There are many different shapes and designs on the mesh on the sexy underwear, and some of the special design can better meet personalized needs.For example, typical T -shaped underwear, vest underwear, and high -necked underwear allow designers to provide consumers with rich choices and meet their different needs.

in conclusion:

The design of sexy underwear network can play a role in many aspects. They can not only enhance sexy, but also provide some healthy and convenient help.The designers deal with these factors when creating sexy underwear, so that every customer can get the most perfect dressing experience.

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