Who is undercover lingerie


Interest underwear, has always been a variety of sexy, curvatures of fascinating men and women. Wearing them can make you more confident and add various interesting experiences.However, in the world of sexy underwear, there is a question of who is undercover.There are many different types of erotic underwear in the world of sexy underwear. Therefore, we should understand them so that they can better solve the problem of who is undercover.

Pre -knowledge: Types of sexy underwear

Before we officially talk about who is undercover, we need to have some understanding of the different types of sexy underwear.Here are some common sexy underwear types:

1. Hanfu sexy underwear

Hanfu’s sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with traditional Chinese elements.It is usually composed of cheongsam, skirt, gown, etc. to show women’s curve beauty and elegance.Because of its unique design style, Hanfu’s sexy underwear is loved by many people.

2. Uniform sexy underwear

Uniform erotic underwear is a sexy underwear full of various uniform styles, such as doctors, police, stewardess, nurses and other uniforms.These sexy underwear is usually considered a good choice to increase interest and flirting, because they can make people get more experiences in the role of fun character.

3. Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear is a sexy underwear that makes people see the body curve, usually made of transparent or almost transparent materials.Performing sexy underwear can make you more confident and show your body charm.

4. Types Incpering Underwear

Type sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear made of soft and light materials, usually showing a sexy and elegant female image.Compared with perspective sexy underwear, the design of tulle sexy underwear is more hidden and pays more attention to mystery.

Who is undercover

The design styles mentioned above are different, they all have their own characteristics and charm.However, who is an undercover question, many people care about.Here are some possibilities for who is undercover:

1. Sexy angel vs pure girl

In the world of sex underwear, there are two different styles, namely sexy and pure.We can clearly find that sexy sexy underwear is more likely to attract attention than pure sexy underwear.Therefore, who is undercover may choose pure sexy underwear to cover up his identity.

2. Random route

Selection of sexy underwear is usually personal preference. Who is undercover may adopt random routes and choose different styles of sexy underwear.This can make them more difficult to be discovered and confuse the attention of others.

3. Completely appear

In sexy underwear activities, many people choose to appear with their partners.This can not only share the interesting experience, but also make them more difficult to discover.Who is undercover may choose this way so that you can better hide yourself.

How to determine who is undercover

Although the problem of undercover looks tricky, there are still several ways to help us determine who is undercover.

1. View

In the environment of sexy underwear, many people will take the initiative to find other sexy underwear wearing the same style to communicate.At this time, observing whether they are staring at someone, there will be a certain prompt.

2. behavior

In sexy underwear activities, many people will perform their behavior based on their role -playing.Who is undercover may show behavioral performance that is different from their role positioning.

3. Dress

Although who is undercover may choose hidden sexy underwear, their clothes will still bring them some problems.Wearing clothes that do not match sex underwear may reveal their true identity.

in conclusion

Who is undercover is a problem that has always existed in the sex underwear industry.Understand different types of sexy underwear, pay attention to observing their behavior and dressing may help.We should be confidently put on our favorite sexy lingerie and enjoy this unique experience.

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