Who is the model of sexy underwear online store


When buying sexy underwear, model photos provided by online stores are often important elements to attract consumers.So who are these models?How did they choose?This article will open the mysterious veil of the sexy underwear online store model.

Model selection criteria

First of all, let’s talk about the selection criteria of sexy underwear online store models.Unlike ordinary clothing, sexy underwear pays more attention to the requirements of the figure.Therefore, the models of sexy underwear online stores generally require tall figures, exquisite curves, and appearance also need to meet certain aesthetic standards.In addition, models need good professional ethics and professionalism.

Source of models

So how do these models source?Generally speaking, fun underwear online stores will recruit through professional institutions or their own platforms.In the process, they will strictly screen and choose the most conditional models to cooperate.

Model shooting

After being selected as a model of sexy underwear online store, the next step is the model shooting.Generally speaking, fun underwear online stores provide professional photographers and makeup artists, allowing models to shoot in a better environment.During the shooting, photographers will make different shooting methods based on different underwear styles to better show the characteristics of underwear.

Model confidentiality agreement

Because sexy underwear is a relatively private product, sex underwear online stores pay more attention to the confidentiality of the model.Generally speaking, the signed models need to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that personal information and photos will not be leaked.In addition, sexy underwear online stores will also strengthen the education and management of internal personnel to avoid the risk of information leakage.

Post -processing of model photos

After the model shooting is completed, the photos need to be processed later to achieve better visual effects.Generally speaking, later processing will pay more attention to adjustment of color, light, shadow and other aspects to highlight the characteristics of underwear, and it is also more in line with consumers’ aesthetic concepts.

Modification of model photos

In addition to later processing, model photos need to be modified to ensure the beauty of the photo.The modification includes the treatment of skin, face shape, figure and other aspects.This link requires professional technology and experience to make model photos more perfect.

Use of model photos

After the photos are made, the sex underwear online store will apply photos to related publicity and promotion.In the process, photos will be placed on major e -commerce platforms, social media and other platforms to attract consumers’ attention and desire to buy.

Model’s equity protection

During the use of models, sexy underwear online stores will also protect the model’s rights.Generally speaking, online stores will sign the right to use the right to use to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of the model’s right to know and portrait rights are protected.


These models play an extremely important role in the fun underwear online store, and their existence also provides consumers with great convenience for consumers to better understand the emotic lingerie.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to the quality and style of the underwear itself, but also need to pay attention to the model photos provided by the online store to help choose more suitable products.

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